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5 Best Smart Watch For Kids

Do you know that the school kids’ age at which they have personal cell phones drops from 14 to 11! As per the research, 53-54% of kids have their smartphones by the age of 11. This number rises to 63% after a year. It is alarming that fitness and sports activities are imperilled from our society’s young age group. But don’t worry, we won’t let that happen! You might have seen many smart products listed on our site, but this time, we’re here with the best smart watch for kids!

As the wave of technology is flowing, the smartwatches are paving their way into our lives! These gadgets offer comfort, convenience, and introduce one to a young lifestyle – what else can be better than this! Similarly, to avoid your kids to immerse in a smartphone, let’s buy them a smartwatch! 

Smart watches for kids is an excellent piece of introductory gadget that keeps them going in life. These wearables can do wonders for them, including chore handling, alarms, reminders, and many fitness-related stats. This way, you can create harmony and balance in your kid’s lives apart from just having a timepiece on the wrist. 

That’s one of the reasons why the Global Market Value for kid’s smart watches rises up to $365 million! What’s unique is you can get rid of your worries as parents – track or trace your beloved kids in a breeze now. 

Choosing a smartwatch can be a tricky one for you due to the number of available choices. Worry no more! As we’re here with our best smart watch for kids’ guide. Our experts have tested and reviewed a fair share of products from the market and discovered the top 5 best smartwatches for kids.

Let’s move you through the detailed overview:

1. VTech KidiZoom Smart Watch for Kids – Best Camera Kid’s SmartWatch:

What’s unique?

VTech is one of the leading brands in the kid’s smartwatch industry! Hence, this KidiZoom has a stylish yet kid-friendly design, with a splash-proof quality that makes a winning combination for all the young ones out there. Buy your kids this fantastic customizable gadget and set them free from the curse of smartphones for some time!


Customizable Watch Faces:

Having simple and boring smartwatch faces might keep them away from a fun gadget! VTech won’t let that happen. This KidiZoom smartwatch has a unique feature of taking live selfies or pictures and converting them into the fun watch faces by using filters. This way, your kids will always love to wear this smart and useful wrist gadget.

Fun Games and Activities:

Smartwatches bring fun activities to kid’s lives! This VTech KidiZoom also does it best by providing many fun activities to all the young ones. One of the most joyful games to play is the Monster Detector with a full AR experience. This game brings live-action into play where you can capture the monsters in real life. A built-in motion sensor adds more preciseness to this fun play.

Safe and Secure:

As parents, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your kids to know about their life happening! If you’ve got no time, here’s the solution. Parents can share the desired pictures, videos, and more with their discretion only.

Active Lifestyle:

Fun activities, along with the smart features, make life more interesting for your kids! This VTech kidiZoom encourages the kids to participate in multiple exercises and games actively. A pedometer helps them track the steps for motivation.

Smart Features:

This kid-friendly tech machine has the power to unleash the creativity in them! Moreover, there is no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, ensuring that all the content inside the gadget is safe and secure.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Durable design
  • Touchscreen and multi-functional buttons
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Size might be large for some.

2. INIUPO Smart Watch for Kids – Best Safety Kid’s SmartWatch:

What’s unique?

The functionalities and the operations of this INIUPO smart watch for kids have urged the users to buy it at their priority! It has the mesmerizing dial, learning games, alarm clocks, music player, calculator, and many other functionalities that your kids would love to use!


Easy To Use:

Kids love the gadgets that are under their control! The same will apply for this INIUPO Smart Watch for kids! Its easy-to-use ability brings more fun and joy to young ones’ lives- no need to install an application and software! 

All the functionalities are built-in and offer many conveniences with no lag and freezing screen. Kids between the ages of 3-12 years can easily keep their hands on this fun gadget!

Calls at a Single Touch:

Kids don’t need a smartphone after having this gadget on their wrists! It has a built-in SIM card support (Nano-Sim) to call anyone on the go.

Smart Functionalities:

This smart watch for kids has more features than any other similar gadget in the market! It got the seven learning games, a contact list to save ten contacts, multiple country languages, wallpapers, camera support, calendar, time, and an SOS feature to tackle daily life activities.

SOS- A Safety Feature:

What’s unique and noteworthy is the SOS button! It helps kids call the emergency contact with a single button press to deal with the unusual condition.


  • Seven puzzle games
  • Easy to operate for kids
  • SOS Safety feature
  • Touchscreen support


  • No GPS & messaging 

3. Amokeoo Smart Watch for Kids – Best Functional Kid’s SmartWatch:

What’s unique?

A highly sensitive touchscreen with Bluetooth enabled technology- what else can be a perfect combo of technology and features! Highly sensitive capacitive round face is the fundamental identity of this smartwatch, making it popular among 3 to 12 years.


Hyper-Sensitive Screen:

What’s more noteworthy in this smart watch for kids is its hyper-sensitive screen and a 1.54-inches curved IPS display! This gadget has a round-shaped face that comes along with highly sensitive touch technology. A clear glass enables the users to read the interface conveniently and have no worries about the glare in the daytime!

Rugged Build Quality:

A stainless steel surface design holds the ability to keep things going! The watch might fall from the kid’s hands so many times a day, but a rugged construction with a précised lamination works for its rigidity. The anti-sweat surface treatment with a matte look and an ergonomic convex design is why most parents love to buy this gadget for their kids!

Long-lasting Battery Life:

A smart watch for kids is useful only if it has a longer battery life! This Amokeeo gadget fits that criteria, utilizing its Bluetooth chip sensor and a 500 mAh battery life. You can also charge it on the go using the USB connection- connect it directly to a laptop or a power bank!

Smart Functionalities:

This smartwatch deserves to be called smart! The reason behind the fact is the multi-functional ability of this fun gadget. It has a built-in dial option via Sim card to contact anyone. Additionally, many sensors are employed to develop a kid’s interest in exercise and fitness. The sensors include:

  • Pedometer
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Sedentary Remind and more


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Multi-language and zones
  • Two-way anti-lost reminder
  • 1.25″ TFT LCD


  • The battery lasts less long

4. Marvel Boys’ Touch Screen Watch – Best Designed Kid’s SmartWatch:

What’s unique?

Its design works as a powerful tool for its selling! The official Spider-Man Kid’s SmartWatch has multiple attributes that enable kids to capture the pictures, record videos, and be involved in the fun activities all day!


Fun Selfie- Record and Share:

Let’s not buy your kids an iPhone to fulfill their passion for capturing the pictures and videos! This Marvel’s smartwatch has a selfie camera that helps you record the videos and shoot the images in one go. They can share their lovable moments with you from all-day activities. It’ll bring up a chance to keep a safe eye on your young ones as well.

An Uninterrupted Fun:

No one is allowed to ruin your kids’ fun activities as it’s a chance for them to grow and nourish! Marvel has eliminated every cause that might get the watch on a freezing screen to have uninterrupted fun. What’s next is the longer battery life of this smart gadget! It lasts longer than the similar ones in the market so that your kids can develop an interest in fun activities all day long.

A Perfect Gift:

Is it your kid’s birthday, and you’re confused about the gift? Not anymore now, we’re here for your help! You can get the watch gift wrapped in a box and even has the official Spiderman Logo on the box.
Speaking of gifts, you might also want to look at these fitness smart watches for adults.


  • Pedometer and Alarm feature
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use


  • No water-resistant ability

5. INIUPO Kids Smartwatch for Boys and Girls – Best Fun -activity Kid’s SmartWatch:

What’s unique?

INIUPU never stops to impress with a wide range of smart features that will mesmerize the user’s experience! It has a complete set of attributes, including seven games, alarm clocks, SOS, wallpapers, ten contacts, a music player, and much more, which you’ll find below.


Easy and Convenient:

A smart watch for kids should have a plus point of easy usability! INIUPO has taken care of this and provides a convenient operation ability by which your kids can learn everything on their own. All the features are built-in- no need to connect a smartphone or install an app!

Fun Activities to Play:

Besides being easy to use, many fun activities let your kids be involved in some fitness and health routine. Apart from this, the on-screen games include the Basketball Shoot Master, Bee War, Pinball Hit Bricks, Eat Gold, and more. This way, your kids have a 100% chance to develop some logical thinking.

Parental Control:

You don’t want your kids to get ruined. Hence, parental control comes your way that keeps all the things under your complete control. You can decide the playtime and apply the daily limit as well.


  • A perfect gift for kids
  • SOS Emergency call
  • No app needed
  • 3-5 days battery life


  • There is a call issue  

Comparison Chart:

ProductsDimensionsCameraWatch facesAgeConnectivityTouchscreen
1. VTech KidiZoom DX2 Smart Watch for Kids: 8.9 x 0.7 x 1.8 inchesYes (Dual Camera)2 to 3 days4-12 yearsUSBYes
2. INIUPO Smart Watch for Kids4.2 x 3.6 x 1.4 inchesYes3-5 days3-12 yearsUSB, CellularYes
3. Amokeoo Smart Watch for Kids3.6 x 3.6 x 2.6 inchesYes (1.3MP)3 days Bluetooth, Cellular, USBYes
4. Marvel Boys’ Touch Screen Watch5.83 x 3.62 x 3.31 inchesYes4 to 12 yearsUSBYes
5. INIUPO Kid’s Smart watch for Boys and Girls1.97 x 1.57 x 0.39 inchesYes3-5 days3-12 yearsCellular, USBYes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How to make calls with kids’ smartwatch?

A. First, make sure that the smartwatch you’re buying supports the Sim card. Then, buy a new one for you and make calls via the Sim operator’s services.

Q. Do smartwatches and cell phones must be on the same network?

 A. No, even though the smartwatch needs to connect with your cell phone, the cellular connection will be separate for both.

Q. Are kids’ smartwatches more prone to hackers?

A. A smartwatch is the same gadget as any other internet-enabled device and hence possesses similar risks! Be sure to store any sensitive data on the smartwatch.

Q. Why does the smartwatch need a cellular connection?

A. Just as you buy some extra batteries for toys and gadgets, Sim cards are the same for the smartwatch! You need to buy one to connect the smartwatch with a cellular network and receive data. 


A kids’ smartwatch is far from just being a timepiece. It has got some modern perks and features to uplift daily life. The features that your kids can enjoy while wearing these wrist gadgets include the games, learning activities, music player, alarms, reminders, wallpapers, multiple watch faces, and more. 

As parents, leave all worries behind- all thanks to the parental control feature! We’ve tried our best to review the top 5 smartwatches for kids to get your hands on for a perfect experience.

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