Artificial Intelligence

A Selection of ESP32 Boards To Date

Federico Pacifici
There are many peripherals and GPIOs on the ESP32 boards. Each GPIO’s function can be very usefull. These settings can be overridden by application-specific configurations. In the configuration of GPIOs, you will find the ADC and DAC channels. Common...

OpenAI DALL-E Model: A Closer Look

Federico Pacifici
OpenAI is well-documented and internal alignment is a top priority. Although most employees work in one office, some split their time between offices. Jack Clark, the policy team director, lives in Washington, DC, but works...

How Miso Robotics Can Help Your Restaurant

Federico Pacifici
Miso Robotics is not the only company that sees a growing demand for back-of-house technology solutions in restaurants. It recently completed one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history. The company raised more than $50million...