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How to Ride an E-Bike as a Beginner

Riding an e-bike can be an exciting, and maybe even intimidating prospect. While they are exactly what their name suggests – a bike, there are some unique features that differentiate the experience. When learning how...

Tractive GPS Tracker Review

Federico Pacifici
Tractive offers many features when it comes to GPS trackers. Tractive offers a low profile, waterproofing, family sharing capability, and a monthly subscription fee. Let’s take a look at the features you should look for...

A Selection of ESP32 Boards To Date

Federico Pacifici
There are many peripherals and GPIOs on the ESP32 boards. Each GPIO’s function can be very usefull. These settings can be overridden by application-specific configurations. In the configuration of GPIOs, you will find the ADC and DAC channels. Common...