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Dekala Arches Alarm Clock | The Review

The Dekala Arches alarm clock has a built-in USB port for charging your devices, and it comes with a gentle bell tone. In addition, it features a blinking light, and is powered by a wall cord. Batteries, however, are not included with the clock purchase. They can be purchased separately, but they are necessary for the device to function properly. Read on to learn more about these batteries and the clock’s features.

Light-based alarm clocks mimic natural light

Various types of light-based alarm clocks mimic natural light. They gradually increase the intensity of light in the wake-up time. Sunrise-based clocks mimic the light that is seen in the early morning hours, which gradually increases in brightness over 30 to 40 minutes. Sunrise-based clocks use full-spectrum white or yellow LED light bulbs. The gradual rise in light will stimulate the body to wake up naturally.

Other light-based alarm clocks mimic the dawn and sunset. Sunrise alarm clocks, for example, simulate the gradual emergence of morning light and mimic the gradual change in light intensity throughout the day. These devices combine light therapy with breathing techniques to help regulate our circadian rhythms, the biological clock that determines when to sleep and wake. These clocks are ideal for waking up to the natural light of the morning or evening.

While traditional alarm clocks can be jarring to the senses, light-based alarm clocks have been shown to improve cardiovascular health. Studies show that exposure to morning light can help individuals with delayed sleep phase syndrome or seasonal affective disorder. However, to see therapeutic effects, the amount of light must be large enough. For these reasons, sunrise and sunset alarms are not the best choice for people with difficulty getting out of bed.

The Philips Nightlight has a headlamp-like design, which casts enough light to wake you up in a dark bedroom. The light is not as diffused as that of a higher-end alarm, but it is bright enough to wake you up. The Philips SmartSleep also has a touch control panel, which makes it even easier to navigate the clock while in bed. It’s the perfect choice for people who live in areas without sunlit nights.

They may help people with seasonal affective disorder

For those who suffer from the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, using the Arches Alarm Clock may be the answer. This device features a gentle snooze function to help you wake up gently. Arches alarm clocks have also been known to help people with insomnia and other sleep disorders caused by a poor circadian rhythm. They may also help people suffering from depression and insomnia.

Researchers say that a Dekala Arches alarm clock can help people with this disorder because it mimics the sunrise. The lack of sunlight affects the levels of chemicals in the brain, and brighter weather helps these chemicals work better together. People who suffer from this condition may also benefit from light box therapy, which simulates natural light. However, the most effective way to combat seasonal affective disorder is to avoid the cold weather.

They may be helpful for people with delayed sleep-phase syndrome

Many Dekala Arches alarm clocks have advanced sleep technology. The sleep-assist mode can provide pulsating red light or a breathing exercise. The Sleep Aid Mode also pairs the sound of insects with a soothing orange glow to mimic the smell of a campfire. Despite its many features, it requires moderate tech knowledge. However, if you are looking for an affordable and simpler alternative, consider the Dekala Sunstone. It offers similar specs but is priced lower.

There are different types of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Some people have particularly long circadian cycles. Others may have an insufficient sensitivity to zeitgebers. A few of the more severe types of the disorder are known as hypernychthemeral or non-24 sleep/wake syndrome. Regardless of the name, Dekala Arches clocks may help those with delayed sleep-phase syndrome.

They feature an audio alarm

The Dekala Arches alarm clock has a long list of high-tech features. Besides waking you up with an audio alarm, it also includes a phone charger, a book light, multiple alarms, and wireless charging. While you might be surprised at all the options, the Arches clock is a welcome addition. If you’re not comfortable with high-tech gadgets, you can opt for a cheaper alternative, the Dekala Sunstone. The latter is simpler, and comes with comparable specifications.

Aside from a convenient audio alarm, this product also features a smart table lamp and a Bluetooth speaker. Its snooze feature lets you sleep in peace, and it is also compatible with Alexa. If you’re prone to insomnia, it’s best to opt for a dual alarm clock. This model will play music or white noise and wake you up gradually so you don’t wake up too late.

This alarm clock features an audio alarm and an extra-large display. The alarm clock’s display is easily visible thanks to its extra-bright red numbers. This clock also supports the automatic search for radio channels in the 76-108 MHz range. By long-pressing the VOLUME BUTTON, you can select a radio station in seconds. You can also set the alarm sound you want to hear.

In addition to a stylish design, the Arches alarm clock also provides power for your smart devices. With a 1A USB port, you can use this clock to charge your smartphone while it’s by your bedside. Compatible with most models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and more, this smart alarm clock will keep you awake at the right time each day. It also features a back-up battery for those times when your power supply runs out.

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