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EDYN VALVE the water needed for the garden

Every day in the world of the Internet of Things, they study and develop devices that simplify life and optimize processes.

Edyn Valve is a smart valve required for the proper management of water for the garden. It represents the technological solution for those who want to treat their plants intelligently. It can also be used for balcony plants or for growing your own garden.

As much care as we can put ourselves, unfortunately we often don’t provide plants with the right amount or frequency of water.

The amount of water required for each type of plant depends on many factors. Edyn Valve, is the smart valve that represents the IoT solution,able to provide your plants with enough water.
Easily integrated into the existing irrigation system, your plants will no longer have the classic symptoms of suffering due to lack or excess water . Thanks to the use of this smart item you will have fewer yellow leaves, unpleasant smell of loam or fall of leaves.

Negative effects caused by suboptimal irrigation will be minimized.

Edyn Valve, is able to adapt the water supply in a perfect way, according to the needs of the plant, taking into account the season, the exposure and the place of cultivation (internal or external).
Designed for outdoor living, just like plants, this smart item is resistant to sun, rain, moisture, common fertilizers, but also pesticides.
For its operation, the smart valve uses solar energy, thanks to a special photovoltaic panel , applied to its end, which allows you to have a battery always charged.

The smart valve connects to the Wi-Fi network so you can monitor your garden from anywhere.

Simply using the app from your smartphone or tablet, you can: efficiently manage water use, set the time of day and maximum delivery time.  In fact, the Edyn smart valve will close or open the watering circuit, based on the inputs received.

Like the best smart devices, if integrated with the Edyn Garden sensor you will be able to remotely monitor the state of the soil in which the plant is located.

The special Edyn Gardensensor, which is inserted into the ground, collects and analyzes data on the changes and characteristics of the terrain, as well as those related to local climatic weather conditions.
Based on the geo-location calculated, the most suitable plant species to be cultivated in the monitored area will be recommended, based on subsurface conditions, of long-term climatic conditions and species present in the surrounding area.

A real IoT solution that allows you to reduce irrigation costs, minimize the environmental impact and have the most beautiful plants.

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