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How to secure your home with August: just a smart lock

Whether you live in an apartment or a detached house, it doesn’t matter. Security is one of the most valuable aspects for each of us. Feeling safe within your home walls is now a desire shared by many people and families. Today we want to talk to you about a solution from the world of the Internet of Things. August designed and made a smart lock. Let’s find out then together how to secure the house.

Smart Lock, the smart answer for how to secure your home

Security, day and night. This is August‘s mission. How? Simply checking the closing and opening of your home directly from your smartphone! A real revolution especially for all those who usually do not find or even lose their house keys. The Smart Lock is the most advanced version of security products designed by August . No longer will you fear forgetfulness, no misfortune.

How many parts is the Smart Lockmade up of?

The new smart device launched by August evolves with every version and update. The latest smart lock born, consists of 3 main components. A keypad, a keybell with a keyboard and a cam. The latter can display and recognize the faces of family and friends on its display, allowing you to immediately monitor who intercom you.

Let’s find out how to secure the house intelligently

August ‘s technology works similarly to that of more traditional gates. There will be no use changing the entire front door, nor will we litter anything. August ‘s smart locks fit without any kind of problem to the existing deadbolt. This way you won’t even need to change your house keys!
If you’re skeptical and don’t trust me to complete theAugust Smart Lockyet, remember that you have 30 days to apply for the satisfied or guaranteed option.

Connecting to the app to secure your home

If you’re looking for security and peace of mind, thanks to the Smart Lock app, you can monitor movements in your home in real time, anytime and wherever you are. Using your smartphone you can also communicate with Alexa or Google Assistant in order to provide commands to the Smart Lock.
If you are unable to open your door or answer the intercom, you will be able to welcome your guests through the controls of the app! The room installed in the smart device is a very welcome option and appreciated by both owners and visitors. You won’t have to fear the time. Smart Lock has been designed to perform its functions even at night. The camera screen is Full Color HD: perfect even at night! The video files that will be sent to your mobile will be of the highest quality.

Smart Lock from August is a smart device perfect for living in total security and tranquility. If you are an enthusiast of innovation and technology do not linger yet and discover all the other smart devices for the home on the market and Best Smart Door Lock Reviews!

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