MY WING the smart device to keep asthma under control

Simple, elegant and fun. We’re talking about an intelligent object, belonging to the incredible world of the Internet of Things, that helps people control breath and asthma disorders. Today we introduce you to MyWing. A smart sensor that allows you to constantly and accurately monitor and track your breathing. Green, yellow and red LED colored indicators will leave no room for doubts and interpretations of symptoms. MyWing’s design is elegant and discreet. No batteries and chargers required, the size is small so as not to get in the way of everyday activities and to be used anytime, wherever you are. This fantastic smart object is durable and compact, easy and easy to clean with a common bar of soap and water.

Accurate detections for constant and accurate monitoring

MyWing records, analyzes and processes objective data, as well as being able to detect any verifiable errors through the reproducibility function of the same. In addition to being a smart breath sensor, MyWing helps you improve physical well-being by setting personal goals to achieve and setting personalized reminders. To take advantage of all the functions of this Internet of Things object, you need to download and install anapp, compatible with the iOS operating system. In this way, you can share the data collected both with your family members and your doctor.

Not only detections, but also suggestions and customization management

That’s right, MyWing is not a mere meter of respiratory flows. It is an intelligent monitoring system that allows you to analyze the personal situation in its entirety, considering medicines and symptoms present daily. Set up your personal account with your data and information about the activities you do, so you will get a complete and accurate picture of your profile. The playful theme of this IoT device is fun, so it can be used more easily even by children. Wing is in fact suitable for ages 5 and up. A real medical device that will make breath monitoring seem less boring.

A bit of technical data

MyWing is a very light and discreet device. It weighs just 70 grams and measures 8.1×6.1×3.7 centimeters. It is currently only compatible with iPhone and iOS operating system, but will soon be available for Android devices. Colourful zones are based on precise values: the green zone indicates peak respiratory flow between 80 and 100%, orange between 79 and 50%, red zone between 0 and 49%.

Starting using MyWing is definitely the right way to deal with asthma and other respiratory pathologies.

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