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ONIX ORION the smart walkie-talkies

Walkie talkies have always been highly regarded appliances, even fun to communicate remotely, for example, with their children in an area not covered by telephone network signal and also useful in so many occasions such as organizing events or other professional reasons.

There are several aspects that should be considered before making a similar purchase, such as transmission distance, technology used or operating range.
From one of the worlds of connected objects also come smart walkie-talkies, very useful devices that allow us to have a group conversation in real time by pressing a single key. Communication is ensured thanks to Wi-Finetworks.

With Onyx Orion smart walkie-talkies we can save time and improve productivity and why not even scream less.

Onyx is a smartwearable walkie-talkie, equipped with a one-touch system, allowing us to have instant voice conversations with other users associated with the same device.
Thanks to the technology of Onyx we can talk to our work team, without necessarily having to handle the smartphone, without distracting from what you are doing and without worry about distances.
This mini device can be worn via clip on all items of clothing, such as on your shirt, jacket, apron, or if you are around it can be applied to the bag shoulder strap
Using Onyx, makes everything much easier and faster. It saves us time compared to a simple phone call or text message and gives us the opportunity to talk to one or more users at the same time.
An innovative function allows us to verify, via GPS, the position of other interlocutors thanks to geo-location, which is very important especially in coordination event logistics, express deliveries and much more.

Onyx Orion requires the installation of the Orion Labs application, currently supported on both iOS operating systems and Android operating systems.

Let’s see the technical specifications of the IoT solution: the mini device weighs only 35 grams, has a circular shape of the diameter of 5 centimeters for a depth of 15 millimeters.

It is equipped with dual microphone and speaker, plus an earphone port, ability to activate silent mode, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity up to 30 feet away.

Onyx has a lithium polymer battery and can be recharged via micro-USB cable included in the kit which also includes a travel case.
The small smart device, in addition to being very small and powerful, can also be considered a fashion and very discreet accessory. For more details and purchase on Amazon: Click Here or Contact Us

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