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Home door security system: MEET OTTO

Lost keys in the bag, forget in the car or in a drawer in the office, goodbye! Finally there is a security system for the front door for which the keys are not needed! Otto is the smart solution to always have your home under control. Innovative, technological, practical and revolutionary. Perfect for everyone: families, singles, couples Let’s find out together how it works.

Smartphone or code at the base of the security system for the front door

Otto is a smart device that must be connected to the app after being installed on your doorstep. Little does it matter if you have an Android or iOS operating system. Otto is able to confirm your identity the moment you approach your doorstep. Once the user has been recognized, it proceeds to unlock and open the door. If you don’t have a smartphone with you at that time, it doesn’t matter: you can conveniently use the 4-digit code stored and set during installation.

Safety and practicality in the first place

The new security system for the doorway, is practical and functional, as well as boasting a clean and modern design. The durability of this incredible smart device is about 50,000 door movements and 250.00 closures and openings. Designed and tested with innovative product, withstands the most different climatic conditions.
No longer have to worry about finding keys, remember if you have closed the door or how many sends you have given.
Otto’s producers are aware that each dwelling is unique. And for this very reason they collaborated with a team of professional installers. The security system for the front door is compatible with all the many types of revenue. A smart way to no longer think about house keys.

Share it with everyone

Otto you can share with all family members, friends and guests. Simply grant temporary or permanent access using a secret code and use of the app. However, you will always have all the details and the possibility to remotely revoke access to anyone at any time.

Otto is designed to be the safest residential block on the market. This security system for the home door uses advanced encryption measures. Continuous firmware updates are also provided to ensure total protection. The Internet of Things offers smart devices on the market useful for everyday life and at home. Discover them all in the smart home section.

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