Smart bowl for dogs and cats: the idea of PETNET

Lovers and dog and cat owners, the world of the Internet of Things thinks of you too: the smart bowl for your four-legged friends has arrived.

The idea is from the team at Petnet, a Los Angeles-based company, whose core business is manufacturing and marketing smart accessories for pet animals.
Daily work leads us to stay out of the house many hours, sometimes even for multiple days, and the thought goes out to our dogs and cats who stay alone at home. Their need for nourishment needs to be met, but leaving a simple bowl full of food and one of water is not the best solution. Often, in fact, our little animals are unable to self-regulate.

SmartFeeder, the smart bowl for feeding dogs and cats 

SmartFeeder is not a simple food container, it is a real smart, smartphone-connected bowl that allows any distance to feed the dogs and cats left at home. Through the app, you can set the daily snack delivery and the desired portion. Using SmartFeeder is easy; and if you are not sure of the amount of food needed by your fido or your feline, just fill in the data requested by the app. The smart bowl will thus erode the correct portions of food based on your four-legged friend’sage, sizeand type of activity. Thanks to this smart bowl you can also constantly monitor when and how much your dog or cat will eat: from the app you can understand the level of food that is still present in the container.

SmartBowl: To know when and how much your four-legged friend eats 

To offer a balanced and balanced diet to cats and dogs, SmartBowl is the perfect solution. This smart bowl communicates directly with your smartphone, precisely and punctually defining the doses of food to offer to our faithful pet animals. Quantities are suggested by the app considering some of the main parameters of the dog or cat: from age to weight, from size to lifestyle. Through the app you can manage the profiles of multiple pets, thus controlling the feeding of all your four-legged friends.

SmartDelivery: Never without food

Time is tyrant and you often can’t go and buy food for our four-legged friends. No fear! Petnet has developed another interesting IoT solution that will never miss dog and cat stocks. This is SmartDelivery, the feature that allows you to order pet food, request home deliveryfor free and have the option to cancel your order in any moment. It will be the app that will send you notifications when food supplies are finished by calculating the quantities of portions delivered up to that point. A real advantage for everyone

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