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Smart doorbell for the home: the revolution named RING

Imagine you can know what happens in front of your house when you’re not there. Who played? How did he behave? What time did he show up? It is no longer utopia. You can answer all these questions simply by querying your smartphone, anytime, wherever you are. How? Simply thanks to an intelligent object. It’s called Ring and it’s a smart doorbell for the home. Let’s find out its features together.

The smart doorbell for the home Full HD

Don’t just call it a doorbell. Ring is so much more than that. Thanks to its built-in, technologically advanced WiFi camera with excellent resolution, you can view movies and images in Full HD. No detail will escape your eyes. You will monitor what happens outside your doorstep, and thanks to the Motion Zones feature, you can constantly detect what happens in certain preset outdoor areas.

Something more about the smart doorbell for the home

In addition to HD resolution, Ring’s latest model is revolutionary in other respects. From not integrating with the battery (works on cables), to WiFi connection via the 5GHz band. Much more than just a smart doorbell for the home: a real ally for home monitoring.

No disturbances and continuous updates

Ring is the smart doorbell for the home that allows you to receive notifications directly on your smartphone in case someone rings at the door. Ideal and perfect for those who do not want to be disturbed at that moment or for those who are often outside the house unable to answer the doorbell. The notification received will allow you to view the doorway of the house, but also, if you like it, interact directly with those who played. Not only the security of detecting any extraneous and suspicious intrusions, but also the option of conversing, reviewing historical footage and archiving it.

Security and reception

Ring, in addition to being a smart device for monitoring people ringing your house bell, actively interacts with home guests. When well set it also allows you to open the door remotely with a few clicks on your smartphone. Small, compact, design and discreet. A really useful and functional smart device. An essential detail to make your home smarter and smarter. Having a smart home is not impossible. There are countless IoT devices. Our team constantly engages in the constant search for technological and innovative objects. Learn more in the Smart Device category.

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