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Smart home and office within touch with DOMOKI

Domoki is a touchscreen microcomputer that aims to create a smart 2.0 home, thanks to its ease of installation and ease of use.

It is similar to a common wall switch but it is smart: it allows you to control any electrical device and for this reason it is also possible to save energy . In addition, unlike traditional switches, Domoki has no mechanical buttons but a small 2.4-inch color LCD display , while remaining unchanged are the size of the box, identical to built-in electric boxes.

Installation does not involve the use of cables and is therefore quick as well as simple.

Just a smart switch in every room to make your home or office smart, efficientlymanageable. Interactivelycontrol the heating and air conditioning of the various rooms, manage the lighting, open and close the motorized blinds, connect the various third-party smart objects with Zigbee standards and even detect abnormal power consumption.

The kit consists of: 2 10A deviators/switches, 1 1.5A dimmable diverter, 3 current meters, a 2.4 inch color IPS LCD screen, a proximity sensor, a brightness sensor , a temperature sensor; all connected via Wi-Fi.

Domoki is a kind of virtual butler, vigilante of his own home, and is quiet, immediate and above all efficient.

If you leave the house forgetting the lights on, the app connected to the device alerts you by sending a message and you can turn them off with just one click. Same situation if you forget the appliances turned on, and it is also possible to turn them off if you are inside the house but for example you are distant, sitting comfortably on a sofa: just a short voice command and Domoki will execute orders instantly. You can also adjust a thermostat before arriving at your home or office, automatically, thanks to the identification of your location and then calculating the distance and time required for arrive.

Domoki is compatible with the most popular plaques on the market, such as those of Vimar (Idea, Idea Rondò, Arkè Classic, Arkè Round series), those BTicino (Living International series, Living Light, Luna, Matix) and those Ave (Banquise and Noir series).

So it is a fully customizable device, to best adapt it to the design of the environment in which it is installed.

It is a switch that is not a real switch, because it has a screen instead of mechanical buttons, from which in turn you can manage the various smart features having as animates a microcomputer.

The cost is €299, a really affordable price compared to traditional home automation systems.

It is also possible to save tax since Domoki is part of the energy redevelopment of buildings and this allows you to deduct spending by 65% . Finally, there are no installation costs because it is easily installed in existing light plates. I mean, no cables, no problems, no thoughts.

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