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Smart oven: it’s called JUNE and cooks on its own

Singles, workers, moms, grandmothers, students and whoever you are and don’t like to spend hours in front of the stove, here’s June, the smart oven that cooks for you!

The Internet of Things never sleeps, and smart devices are a good testament to that. June is an IoT object studied, developed and manufactured by an American start-up company, based in San Francisco. An intelligent oven capable of recognizing the dishes introduced in the appropriate compartment, selecting in complete autonomy the best cooking option for that type of food. The mechanism of recognition of introduced foods is carried out by means of a high-definition camera; the quantities entered are measured by an internal scale. It is then the task of a chip, based on a well-defined algorithm, to process the data collected and set the time and mode of cooking.

Cooking to the art thanks to the smart oven

Whether meat, fish, cakes or biscuits, cooking your dishes will be perfect. You will no longer need to be great expert cooks in order to prepare and taste delicious dishes. June also comes with an internal camera that lets you take snapshots of the foods inside the smart oven, to be shared with all friends and family. There is no excuse for not organizing an evening with a delicious dinner, or for the chance to enjoy fresh, freshly cooked food after a busy working day.

 Prepare dinner at a distance 

One of the many advantages offered by June is the ability to connect the smart oven to anapp , downloadable on your smartphone, through which you can give the input to cooking of the dish inserted into the appropriate compartment. All operations related to June, you can follow through the touchscreenit has, or directly through the app, and then remotely. This allows you to monitor the different stages of cooking and receive a notification when the dish is ready. In addition to these features, thanks to the smart oven app, you can learn and execute new and inviting recipes, all to try and share on social and community.  Technical characteristics

June is a classic example of a smart object at the service of everyday life . A device certainly useful for those who have an increasingly hectic and eventful life. The dimensions of this smart oven are very reminiscent of those of a microwave oven hosting a rectangular baking dish 41×28 centimeters. The design is modern and minimal, simple to clean and suitable for all types of furniture. All accessories can be purchased separately according to each individual and specific need.

The potential of the world of the Internet of Things is recognized even in the kitchen! Do not miss the opportunity to save time, eat with taste and make a beautiful figure with all diners.

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