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Smart socks come for more effective fitness!

The world of the Internet of Things offers a very wide range of activity trackers, which control vital parameters and make daily workouts increasingly effective.

Many people during sports use wrist accessories, capable of controlling the heartbeat, path, and other important health values. Often, however, these IoT devices, which we find on the market are too cumbersome or too uncomfortable. Effectively, when doing a run, who can tell us better than how the business itself is going, if not our feet?

Well yes! The future of running shifts from smart stocking. Sensoria’s smart socks, are able to analyze “from below” workouts.

The running system Fitness Socks by Sensoria, coupled with the smartphone and the appropriate app, allow you to measure and control several important factors during the run, such as example: speed, gait, altitude, calories burned, also record the path made through GPS.
The dedicated application, available for both iOS and Android operating systems, analyzes the data, comparing it to the user’s health and training progress, allowing to best calibrate the activity in order to achieve the desired results and avoid unpleasant injuries.

The Sensoria Fitness app, is also able to select the models of footwear best suited to your step from an archive of 5,000 shoes.

The Sensoria starter pack contains two pairs of smart socks and a transmitter bracelet.

The smart sockhas no plastic or metal parts and reads through the fabrics our way of running and transmits it to the rubber bracelet, lightweight and foldable, which attaches to the ankle and which in turn transmits data to the smartphone.

The sock is conveniently machine washable and the bracelet is water-repellent and shockproof.

When we talk about wearable technology, that is, wearable technology applied to sport and specifically to running, we can say that Sensoria is the future, in fact after the success of Smart stocking, in the mother house are already working on smart T-shirts and pants, with special receptors that will “talk” even with cardio-frequencyeters.

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