Smart brain stimulator: FOC.US on your minds

The hectic and always busy life often does not allow us to rest, recharge our batteries and dedicate time to developing and improving our cognitive skills. The world of the Internet of Things has always been attentive to the physical and mental well-being of people . Here has developed some smart devices to improve the cognitive abilities of each of us: first of all the smart objects proposed is v2, a brain stimulator capable of increasing the basic functions of the human brain.

The abilities of transcranial electrical stimulation: how the brain commands thoughts and actions

Our every thought or action is the result of the electrical activity inside our brain. To improve the state of attention and alertness, focus and learning ability , our brain also needs stimulation and gymnastics. has designed and developed a brain stimulator capable of doing all this. It is called v2. A smart device capable of training our brain , keeping it always active and in shape. This stimulator can be worn every day, either through the classic clips to be placed on the head, or by wearing a branded hat.

Concrete support to improve physical and mental performance

At the base of all the intelligent devices of there is the electro brain stimulation. Scientific studies have shown that this is perfect for both purely cognitive and physical activities. The intelligent brain stimulator is, in fact, able to significantly increase the acquisition of information for the development of physical as well as intellectual abilities. Just wear the brain stimulator during sessions and lessons of a new sport, to learn the best movements and techniques faster.

A device as small as a battery, with extraordinary powers

The brain stimulator designed by is able to act directly on the electrical waves of our brain. Appreciated and recognized also by medical specialists, this smart device will completely change the times and ways of learning not only intellectual activities, but also physical ones.

The universe of the Internet of Things is increasingly vast and the fields of application have no boundaries. Find out now how to learn anything faster.

Choose from the 3 smart devices developed by and start improving your skills right away! Click here!

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