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Find lost items with the TILE Bluetooth tracker

Tile is a mini Bluetooth tracker that, connected to the dedicated application, allows you to find lost objects easily and quickly.

The operation of this small and useful device of the Internet of Things is really simple: just attach it, insert it or clip it to the objects you hold more so you don’t runs the risk of losing them. After that, through commands from the app, available free of charge on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, Tile is ringing by pressing on an app button and in this way it’s possible to find the object attached to it.

Then you can insert Tile into a bag containing valuable items and documents or inside a wallet, clip it to a bunch of keys or even a suitcase.

In addition to ringing, the device can also be tracked by GPS from your smartphone using the application that will indicate its exact location. This feature is very useful in case the object has been lost in an open place rather than in the home, office or other enclosed places.

That’s not all, Tile works in the inverse too.

If as has already been said you miss something, just take your mobile phone, launch the app and track it down but you can also the opposite. If you have your device in your hands, for example, clipped to your bunch of keys, and you can’t find your smartphone, just press on the physical button built into your device and this time at ringing will be your own mobile phone.

In short, it is easy to understand the great usefulness of this smart object, available in two different formats: Tile Mate to attach to the set of keys, Tile Slim to insert or stick into thin objects, like a wallet, laptop, agenda, etc.

You can also purchase accessories such as the bag, the zip strap, the luggage tag, the money clip and many more, which integrate with Tile Meta or Tile Slim, offering the possibility of bring with you the tile you prefer along with the objects you care about most.

Tile Mate weighs only 6.1 grams and has dimensions of 34x34x4.65 mm; you can save up to 35% if you decide to buy 4 or 8.

Tile Slim has a weight of 9.3 grams and measures 54x54x2.4 mm; it can be purchased in packs of 4 or 8 pieces, saving up to 25% compared to the purchase of a single Tile.

Finally you can buy Tile Combo Pack, which contains 2 Mate and 2 Slim or 4 Mate and 4 Slim. For all products the warranty is 1 year and you can return within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

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