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360 Degree Camera: GYROPTIC IO will turn your head

Fun, holidays, friends, family, new adventures and Giroptic iO, the amazing 360 degree camcorder for iPhone and iPad, smartphones and tablets running Android.

These are the ingredients for creating and sharing great all-round videos. Giroptic iO is an innovative smart device that captures the exhilarating moments of your life and then relive them at any time. This 360 camera has been designed and built to be compatible on the latest generation of iOS and Android systems , allowing it to be easily connected through the Lightning and turning the device screen into a monitor to display spherical shooting in real time.

The 360 Degree Camera Talking to Social

Thanks to Giroptic iO ‘s advanced technology , you can interact directly with Social Networks, uploading and sharing videos and photographs directly to your profile staff. Whether YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, the only requirement you need is to be compatible with the 360 format. Compact shape, with harmonious lines, you can safely keep it in your pocket or in a small bag. Thanks to its flexibility, the 360 Giroptic iO camera can be used on all smartphones and tablets.

360 camera to capture unforgettable moments

Record the essence of special moments and tell 360 degrees about your experience. You can share in real time all videos and photos taken with Giroptic iO. Do not miss the opportunity to record amazing videos to be posted or reviewed in every moment, reliving the emotions of those moments and observing all the details!

360 camera and app: a true IoT solution 

Giroptic iO is the smartest 360 degree camera of the moment. An intelligent object from the world of the Internet of Things that can optimize and implement its functionality through joint use with a dedicated app that allows you to dialogue and share experiences with other community users. Lightweight, built with technologically advanced materials, ensures the highest resolution quality of both photos and videos. At the sea, in the mountains, in the disco, in the woods, wherever you go, you can take Giroptic iO with you thanks to its size and if you want to film experiences in the water, there is no problem, this 360 camera is waterproof!

Becoming registers and protagonists of fun and engaging videos thanks to Giroptic iO is easy: you just need your smartphone, 360 degree camera and app!

For more details and purchase on Amazon (Android version): Click Here

For more details and purchase on Amazon (iPhone and iPad version): Click Here

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