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We discover changes in our environment with AWAIR

The smart devices that are moving into our homes are constantly growing. There are lots of smart TVs, thermostats, appliances, surveillance systems, motion sensors, smart locks and so on.

Smart devices that allow us to control at any time and from anywhere, what happens between the home walls, through applications installed on our smartphone.

The security issue is increasingly being taken into account so that we wonder whether Smart Home is also synonymous with Safe Home, especially when we think about the safety of our health status.
Some IoT startups, which care about user health have mobilized and designed and created systems and devices dedicated to smart quality monitoring of domestic environments, to guarantee a high well-being even on the health level.
For example, not everyone knows that the indoor air of a domestic environment can be up to five times more polluted than the outside, this feature increases the problems related to appearance of allergies, asthmatic attacks, affects mental concentration, quality of sleep, and much more.

Awair is a smart device of high design, which identifies the five key factors that determine air quality within a home.

At a glance, we can check the air quality present in our environment by looking at the Awair display and the application. Thanks to the collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the connected object will be able to provide us with relevant health information and personalized advice to improve air quality.

The HiTech device is made from 100% natural toxin-free materials, the handcrafted structure is made of American walnut wood. Each unit is made of 100% natural toxin-free materials.

Awair uses a very simple color scale, which helps us understand air quality by taking into account the five basic parameters: temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration ( carbon dioxide), presence of dust and concentration of chemical elements. The higher the parameter is the more intense the coloring will be on the display, the green represents the optimal level.
Thanks to the application, available for both Android and iOS systems, we can select the optimal parameters according to our needs: help us sleep better, control allergies, increase productivity, or improve our overall health.

Thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology we can stay constantly updated on the quality of our home environment, thanks to the combination of environmental and geographical information we can have a complete picture of external influences on our health status.

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