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Why Cloud Camera Solutions are a Necessity in the Post Pandemic Era?

During the pandemic, businesses had little to no control over the safety and security of their premises. As time and the pandemic went on, the probability of losses increased due to a lack of reliable protection.

Such a situation forced companies to see E- surveillance as a necessity rather than a luxury. This is where Cloud Camera Solutions emerged as a savior for their businesses’ security and smooth running.

What happened to the safety and security of businesses during the pandemic?

According to the data published by Delhi Police, 5,740 heinous crime cases were reported in the 2021 pandemic as compared to 5,413 cases in 2020. Out of these cases, nearly 70% were of burglary, theft and robbery.

Due to the quick mandating of lockdowns, most business owners didn’t have a chance to arrange for better monitoring of their businesses. Due to the uncertainty of lengthy lockdowns, many thought installing security systems would cost them a lot. Therefore, they suffered losses due to an increase in the cases of break-ins and cases of theft and robbery.

Why Cloud Camera Solutions become a necessity while and after the pandemic?

1.    Remote Monitoring Aided by Cloud CCTV Cameras

Imagine, that during the lockdown, you couldn’t get in touch with one of your site managers and were left unaware of your facility and its operations. With the help of Cloud CCTV Cameras, even if you can’t get in touch with your site managers or supervisors, you can monitor your site on your own. Within a matter of seconds, you can check on your facility/premises from any location and at any time.

Unlike regular cameras, Cloud CCTV Cameras provide live video footage access with the help of any set-up and an internet connection.

2.    CCTV Cloud Storage: Guide to Footage Security

There are significant chances of theft, manipulation and destruction while using local storage.

CCTV cloud storage allows you to put/store your footage online. The simple act of uploading your footage to the cloud means that it can be easily accessed and retrieved whenever you want. By eliminating the chances of footage being stolen or destroyed, CCTV cloud storage also eliminates the purpose of using local storage.

For instance, when Cloud Camera Solutions are integrated with IGZY’s E surveillance platform, they allow you to perform regular camera health checkups to ensure no camera is offline and that footage is not lost.

3.    Total/Complete Control

Due to the pandemic, people were indefinitely stuck at home. This meant that business owners or companies could not inspect their premises. The loss of control and access regarding what is going on in and around their facility made people feel very unsafe.

With Cloud Camera Solutions, one can monitor the safety and security of one or multiple facilities. It enables making quick decisions that can help in safeguarding your facility.

4.    Instant Action Through Cloud Camera Solutions

During the pandemic, several facilities were unguarded due to strict guidelines in place by the government. As people were not allowed to leave their homes due to strict lockdown guidelines, companies could no longer rely on manual security for premise safety.

Cloud Camera Solutions allow you to monitor serious threats such as perimeter breaches or theft. By providing real-time alerts & notifications, they ensure that instant action is taken. It makes sure that your facility & the assets inside of it are well guarded and that you are in constant control.

By combining Cloud Surveillance with an Alarm System, one can sound the alarm or alert the relevant authorities if a security breach is detected.

5.    Following Standard Operating Procedures

The pandemic made it mandatory for organisations to follow the health and safety guidelines set by the government. Breaking the guidelines may lead to heavy fines & closure of a facility and can even tarnish a brand’s image.

Due to these reasons, it became a necessity for organisations to monitor their day-to-day operations more cautiously.

Cloud CCTV Cameras ensure that on a very huge level. For instance, with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML), IGZY’s cloud surveillance solution can provide insights like:

  • Employees’ entry and exit times, which allows businesses to remotely monitor employee work hours.
  • Whether or not health and safety guidelines are being followed by each and everyone inside the facility. And alerting authorised personnel if they are not being followed.
  • Opening and closing time of our facility according to the pre-decided time.

And so much more!


Due to the pandemic, the need for technological advancement rapidly increased. To ensure the smooth and safe running of a facility during and after the challenging times caused by the pandemic, enterprises had to adopt Cloud Camera Solutions. 

CCTV Cloud Cameras are not limited to just surveillance of your premises but can be used to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations.

IGZY provides customised Cloud Camera Solutions to companies so that they can have better control over what they do and helps them in realizing what more they can do.

For a better understanding of how Cloud Camera Solutions can help you and your enterprise, reach out to us here.

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