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BLOCKCHAIN for INDUSTRY 4.0: Total integration with the loT World

In theprevious article we talked about blockchain industry 4.0. We have given a definition and begun to understand what the scope of application may be. Today we focus on other possible integrations between the blockchain and the world of the Internet of Things .

Applications of the Blockchain Industry 4.0

These are 5 interesting solutions in which innovation and advanced technology offer valuable support and support for the development of industry.

Tracking Supply Chain Operations

Thanks to the potential of the Blockchain, new and targeted supply chain monitoring applicationscan be developed.
Concrete examples are the formal register of products and their tracing. No doubt an effective and efficient way to monitor productive data. In addition to having immediate awareness of the state of being of all products. Thanks to the integration between blockchain industry 4.0 and the IoT world, at any time it will be possible to check at which stage a specific reference is located. It is also interesting that the financial aspects can also be integrated. An option that allows you to approve and confirm deliveries automatically.

Product Certification

With blockchain, certifying a product will be a safe and quick operation. All necessary information can be recorded in the blockchain. From the details of the production plant to those of the machinery, from the date of production to the price info. A solution of absolute importance, especially in the event of a need to demonstrate the authenticity of a product. In addition to being an efficient method in terms of organization and time, the blockchain for product certification ensures a higher level of security. Physical certificates can, in fact, be tampered with more easily than those registered in the blockchain.

Consumer-Machinery and Machine-Machinery Transactions

Blockchain Industry 4.0 allows you to portal interactions between machinery and customer and machinery communications to a higher level. Consumer requests would be handled directly by the manufacturing machine, including the payment steps of requests. Depending on the requests, the same machines will be able to send micro transactions to other machines to meet all requests.

Vendor identity and their reputation

The blockchain platform also lends itself to be a valuable support for vendor management. By setting and plotting other specific parameters you can give an evaluation. Examples of this very good opportunity are delivery times, customer review requests and their judgments. In addition, smart contract management is a real advantage in terms of negotiation based on all the best features.

Register of goods and inventory

The blockchain platform also lends itself to the development of applications for information storage of different products and for production inventories. All information is recorded and always available. Capital and financial identification will no longer be a problem and the data will be immediate and actionable.

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