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How Miso Robotics Can Help Your Restaurant

Miso Robotics is not the only company that sees a growing demand for back-of-house technology solutions in restaurants. It recently completed one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history. The company raised more than $50million from more than 15,000 investors. Miso Robotics is the market leader in intelligent automation solutions in commercial foodservice. They will assist restaurants and other commercial businesses in filling some of the most crucial gaps in their operations. Let’s take a closer look at what they can do for you.


Flippy is a robotic arm that can do almost all tasks related to frying food. The robotic arm can handle most fried foods. A simple bucket-and pulley system could also be used to create an automated fry station. There are two types of Flippy: one for deep-frying chicken tenders, and another that can be used to fry specialty foods. The newer model, which is more autonomous and uses AI vision for recognition of ingredients and placing cooked foods in a holding space, is more efficient. This closed-loop system can increase kitchen throughput by 60 baskets an hour.

The Flippy was temporarily out of commission during the pilot with White Castle. However, staff at the fry station were still able to use their robotic arms to continue normal operations. There are a number of supply problems plaguing the U.S., including labor shortages as well as equipment shortages. Computerized equipment is particularly affected by the shortages. Miso Robotics works to reduce costs and make Flippy more adaptable to different restaurants’ needs.

The Flippy 2 robotic arm can lift up to 60 baskets an hour and is 56 per cent smaller than the Flippy. It takes up less space in aisles and is easier to clean. The company is planning to release a second Flippy robot in the coming year. It is currently developing a commercial version.

Flippy’s original Flippy robot, which is also a burger-flipping machine and a fry station, was created by the company. Businesses can save time and money by using the new version to fill, empty, and return baskets. These robots will allow fast-food restaurants to offer specialty food such as chicken wings. Restaurants have a lot to grow, but they will need to find efficient ways to run their business.

White Castle will expand its pilot program using the Flippy robotic fry-station. The robot can handle twice as many tasks as the previous version. White Castle plans to deploy the new version in every Chicago-area location by September 2020. The robot can run the fry station by itself thanks to a newer model. It will ultimately revolutionize how fast-food restaurants manage their kitchens.

CookRight Coffee

Miso Robotics has just unveiled the CookRight Coffee With Miso robotics, a new coffee machine. The new machine utilizes artificial intelligence and sensors to provide consistent flavor and volume. It also optimizes staff use. The company believes that the machine can open up a vast market. Panera currently has one pilot location for CookRight Coffee, which Miso is currently testing.

Panera Bread and Miso Robotics have formed a partnership to automate coffee brewing. Panera Bread is the leading fast-casual chain in the US. The CookRight Coffee line by Miso Robotics uses artificial intelligence to monitor key coffee metrics, and combine them with predictive analysis to improve coffee brewing quality. Panera’s headquarters is in Sunset Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles. Chipotle Mexican Grill and other major fast food chains have also begun to test CookRight Coffee With Miso Robotics.

CookRight Coffee with Miso Robotics, the latest offering by the company, is for restaurant owners looking to improve their coffee service. It monitors key metrics related to urn-based coffee services, notifying staff when their coffee has become too old and advising when to make a new batch. Panera Bread, a well-known fast food chain, is the company’s first partner.

It will improve both quality and time. Panera will be testing CookRight Coffee with Miso Robotics in the coming month. The company monitors the coffee brewing process using proprietary sensors and accurately dispenses it. This technology monitors temperature and volume, which makes it easier for baristas to keep their coffee stations clean. Customers are assured a fresh cup of coffee every time they order it, while workers can concentrate on other tasks.

CookRight Platform

CookRight Platform to Miso Robotics takes automation to the next level. Miso See, and Miso Serve are the two main components of the system. They can visual recognize and identify different types of food and cookware. These two components combine artificial intelligence to recognize food and cookware, optimizing cooking processes. Combining the systems together can reduce labor costs up to half off Restaurant operators can increase efficiency and reduce labor costs by using AI.

Nick Ross has joined Miso Robotics as an investor to accelerate product development. Nick will assist the Company in achieving product-market fit and provide guidance on organizational process improvement as it grows. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a MS from UC Davis in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. Additionally, he has a dual BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Miso Robotics raised USD 541k seed funding, and closed USD 35 Million in November 2021.

Miso has seen a rise in commercial interest over the past few years. Recent hires by Miso include a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Additionally, additional engineering and business development personnel are expected to be hired. Further development is underway for the CookRight Platform to Miso robotics. Commercial agreements will be signed in 2020 and the company’s go to market strategy is being carried out. The company intends to increase its revenues and sales over the next few years.

Miso Robotics has partnered up with Panera Bread in St. Louis to pilot CookRight Coffee. The system monitors key metrics and informs staff when it’s time to brew the next batch. CookRight Coffee by Panera is still in its pilot phase. This is an important first step in the startup’s technology development. This could be a great opportunity for consumers as well as businesses.

Flippy is less expensive than the CookRight Platform to Miso robotics. Flippy cost $60k at its inception, but the costs have decreased steadily. You will also need to invest in kitchen space and train employees on how to use it. For small mom-and-pop restaurants, the installation might be too costly. The CookRight Platform for Miso Robotics has been targeted at fast-food restaurants.

Inspire Brands has partnered with Miso

Inspire Brands’ recent partnership with Miso Robotics is just one example of its growing customer base. Robotic products from the company are being used in many restaurants worldwide, such as Jack in the Box and Arby’s. Miso Robotics, a privately funded startup, has almost 12,000 shareholders. Its primary market are restaurants and they focus on solving the labor shortage which is affecting their restaurant partners.

Inspire Brands and Miso Robotics have partnered to bring you Flippy, a robot chicken wing fryer. This system reduces human contact while still ensuring perfect chicken wings. This system will enable restaurants to redeploy employees to more customer-facing tasks, which will enhance the guest experience and make kitchen operations more efficient. What does this partnership mean to restaurants?

Inspire’s Innovation Center, Atlanta has the new Flippy robotic fryer available for testing. The robot is being fine-tuned by the company to meet the specific needs of the restaurant. The technology is being tested in the Alliance Kitchen, which is a pioneering ghost-kitchen. It will be tested in the Alliance Kitchen before being deployed at a separate Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

Inspire Brands’ partnership to Miso Robotics is yet another example of how the startup can revolutionize the foodservice sector. Inspire Brands, which is the owner of Buffalo Wild Wings announced recently plans to test Flippy, its robotic wing fryer. The robot fryer is powered by Miso’s Flippy platform, and is suitable for high-volume restaurants. The company currently has $40 million in equity crowdfunding.

The company is currently working on several pilot projects with various restaurant chains. Miso’s Automated Beverage Dispenser is working with two of America’s most prestigious QSRs. It automatically seals and labels drink cups for customers. CookRight’s cooking software package uses video recognition technology, built-in sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI), to control the appliance.

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