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Anywhere connected with M2M SIMs for IoT

IoT Worlds, Internet of Things SIM and Home automation SIM join forces by establishing a partnership to provide services and products for connectivity and management of IoT SIM cards over 2G/3G/4G/5G network.

IoT worlds being composed of countless connected devices also need ad-hoc connectivity over a cellular network. SIM cards are therefore born that enable services for IoT applications, they differ from SIM cards with traditional tariff plans since the data exchanged by connected objects is different in nature from the data traded from current smartphones.

SIM Internet of Things and SIM Home automationhave created important synergies with FreeEwayand Mavocotwo important players in the iot and m2m landscape for the providing iot sim and sim management software on the cloud.

IoT Worlds and its Customers will benefit from this partnership.

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