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The most promising smart home solutions showcased at CES 2021

CES 2021 is in full swing, albeit all-digital. We all spent plenty of time at home last year, so it comes as no surprise, that this at this year’s convention, the smart home sector is truly booming with over 467 companies exhibiting smart home-related products. This means around every fourth exhibitor is showcasing innovative technology dedicated to making your life at home more comfortable and efficient. Let’s take a look at some of the promising smart home-related CES 2021 honorees and how our daily lives may benefit from these gadgets in the near future.

eufyCam 2 Pro

Categories: CCTV, home security

Anker has launched another surveillance camera under its eufy brand. Compared to the eufyCam 2, the eufyCam 2 Pro has a better video quality (2K) and at the same time adopts previously known features such as the 365-day battery life or the AI for recognizing faces. Here, too, eufy continues to forego monthly subscription models. The camera’s images are stored free of charge and locally on the included Homabase 2. Of course, the eufyCam 2 Pro is also weatherproof and therefore equipped with the IP67 water protection class. 

BodyGuardz 5-in-1

Categories: Emergency response

The BodyGuardz 5-in-1 portable emergency hub is an all-round device designed to help you respond to potential emergencies. It features weather and civil alert functionalities, FM radio transmission, flashlights, power bank capabilities and is also equipped with sirens.

Preparing for an emergency is essential, but usually, a hassle as it involves multiple emergency tools. BodyGuardz 5-in-1 hub unites many emergency features into one single device, thus drastically reducing the complexity of setting up an emergency kit for your home. Just plug it in one of your underutilized power sockets, so it’s ready to go, providing both light and power in case of a power outage.

DEN Smart Strike

Categories: Smart locks, home security, smart hospitality

Using DENs dedicated app, you can remotely lock and unlock your door. This is particularly convenient to grant mailmen or cleaning staff access to your house remotely or while at work. This functionality also brings convenience to the smart hospitality sector. You can now welcome your AirBnB guests remotely, which may be greatly appreciated during these times, where social distancing is actively enforced. 

DEN Smarthome claims their Smart Strike can be installed into any doorframe and once it’s installed, it is virtually invisible from the outside. No one will suspect your door to be an IoT-enabled device!

Smart Home IoT Lighting Bell By HYUNDAI TELECOM

Categories: Accessibility, smart lighting, healthcare

Hyundai developed an IoT lighting bell, that can be easily installed on any surface on the exterior of your home. The bell is used as a simple communication method to inform on the status of the resident through differently coloured lighting. This product is targeted towards the deaf and hearing-impaired citizens, who cannot reap the benefit from all the recent advances in the smart speaker realm. 

Radar-based Smart Entrance Counter by Infineon

Categories: Social distancing, crowd control, smart cities

Regulations enforced by governments all over the world are currently creating an urgent demand for simple solutions to manage social distancing in public buildings. Infineon Technologie’s Smart Entrance solution counts people as they enter and leave buildings or rooms. Their smart entrance counter is a tiny device that uses a single 60 GHz radar sensor, as well as dedicated software to accurately count people passing by. Meanwhile, a traffic light-type system informs visitors about whether they are permitted to enter. 

Compared to other solution, this radar sensor works without any type of physical contact (which is crucial, to not further increase transmission risk) and can be swiftly installed on ceilings or sides of entrances and exits. It could be installed in high-traffic buildings, such as public

libraries, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, canteens, or restaurants. Infineon is currently working on an even newer generation, that supposedly includes additional useful features.


Categories: Home security, smart locks, CCTV, smart hospitality

LOCKLY Vision is essentially a smart lock equipped with an HD video camera. It can stream live recordings to any Android or iOS mobile device or save recordings to an inserted SD card. In addition, the smart lock features two-way audio communications, which enables users to converse in real-time with anyone approaching the door. LOCKLY features a variety of ways to unlock your door: Unlock by entering a PIN, using your voice, your fingerprint, your mobile app or with your physical key. You can also generate offline access codes and send them to people you trust. These offline codes can be used to unlock, without requiring your friends or guests to download an app or an active internet connection and can be set up to expire after a designed period of time.

XK400-H Radar Smart Home Solution By Xandar Kardian

Categories: Smart hospitality, health care, smart cities

This is a smart home device that uses radar sensors to detect micro vibrations. Micro-vibrational patterns very distinguishable from one another, thus radar sensors can be used to differentiate between vibrations caused by vehicles, objects or humans. As our heart pumps blood through our body, it also creates these micro vibrations.

While detecting human presence doesn’t sound that game-changing by itself, this smart home solution eliminates many factors that can inhibit accuracy and reliability. Here are some of the most prominent advantages of this type of technology:

  • It is more anonymous than a camera using facial recognition to detect human presence.
  • It can be discretely installed and even sense vibrations through walls or ceilings.
  • The gathered data can’t be corrupted by variations in light or temperature.
  • It doesn’t require skin contact.

Besides smart homes, this technology may also find widespread adoption in the healthcare sector. To monitor a patient’s vital signs, hospitals typically use ECG (electrocardiography). ECG requires direct contact with skin, whereas XR’s technology can record micro-vibrations up to 10 meters away!

Ettie By Plott

Categories: Home security, headcount tracking, social distancing

Ettie makes contact tracing a breeze. It is the first camera doorbell that unites temperature sensors, image recording, capacity management and real-time alerts all into one device. Ettie measures the approaching guest’s temperature and will provide visual and sound cues to the guest, informing him, whether he is permitted to enter based on their temperature reading. In addition, the Ettie camera also notes down the time of entrance, their temperature and takes a picture of the guest. Headcount tracking can also be set up, and alerts can be triggered to one’s app and the guests at the doorbell when the maximum guest capacity has been reached.

Swann Wired Enforcer™ 4K Security System By Swann Communications, Inc.

Categories: Home security

Swann Wired Enforcer™ supposedly reinvents the traditional features of commercial wired CCTV security systems by transforming them into a consumer-friendly product, that is affordable and can be installed and maintained by casual everyday private home consumers. It includes four bullet and two dome cameras and can detect motion, heat and people. Triggered alerts can be expressed via the activation of its red and blue flashing lights (which are featured on all six cameras), sirens, spotlights and mobile alerts. The cameras record in 4K, feature colored night vision, face and vehicle recognition, two-way communication and more. Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t try to charge its owners for an ongoing cloud subscription to access their footages but has an affordable, one-off price tag for the entire system.

Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub

Categories: Home security

Blue’s Smart Home Hub is the main in/home controller for its security system. It unites all Blue by ADT security devices, end nodes and sensors, thus providing an integrated, user-friendly smart home experience. It also features a panic button, which can be swiftly set up to notify authorities in case of an emergency instantly. Additionally, it has a built-in keypad, alarm siren, speakers and backup batteries. It also comes with Z-wave’s home automation support, meaning

you can manage your other smart home devices, such as smart lights, locks, doorbells, thermostats, speakers, etc. via the Blue by ADT app. This is a very convenient feature if you are tired of the “one-app per device” design many smart home device manufactures seem to pursue. Blue by ADT is also secure during temporary power outages. In case of a power loss, the Smart Home Hub provides 24-hour battery backup.

GridRewards By Logical Buildings

Categories: Smart metering, utility optimisation

GridRewards aims to empower homeowners, landlords and small business owners to utilize their smart electric meters to save on their power consumption in exchange for cash rewards from their utility company. GridRewards users use a gamified app to gain insights into their energy usage, follow individualized recommendations to reduce their daily consumption, and earn real cashback (supposedly up to 20% of their annual bill). This free program is supposed to be the first one to enable homeowners to leverage their smart meters for monitoring and become fully informed of their energy pricing and consumption. Currently, the program is only available to Con Edison customers. Con Edison will pay its customers back in cash, if they lower their energy consumption during peak times, as it saves Con Edison from having to invest into additional infrastructures. 

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