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HEIMAN Smart Home: The kit for a really smart home

Heiman HiSmart H5 Kit is the perfect solution for those who need to make their home safer and smarter.

Whether it’s a small apartment, whether it’s a large villa or a luxurious penthouse.

Kit includes: motion sensor, window sensor, input door sensor, sensor for temperature and humidity detection, Smart Remote Controller, sensor for escape Carbon monoxide, water leak sensor, smoke detector, smart camera, vibration sensor, smart RGB lamp, smart power outlet and even a button emergency.

The motion sensor allows you to spot burglars in the home thanks to infrared technology and is equipped with a long-lasting battery that allows no-stop use of about a year. Its range is as much as 110° and it is capable of capturing suspicious movements as far away as 12 meters from the apparatus.

The window sensor warns in real time by sending a notification to the dedicated app immediately as soon as a window is opened or closed.

The sensor for the entrance door is always connected to the Wi-Fi signal, reacts in real time and is equipped with a LED light suitable for night vision.

The temperature and humidity sensing sensor accurately senses climate change and warns when an environment becomes too hot or too cold, so not suitable for body well-being human.

The Smart Remote Controller is the remote control that allows you to manage all the various smart devices, then turn them on or off, at a distance.

The carbon monoxide leakage sensor is critical to your safety, has a battery with annual life and uses the Z-Wave wireless protocol.

The water leakage sensor prevents flooding in the bathroom and in the kitchen, if you forget an open tap or if the pipes are broken.

The smoke detector works exactly like those used on planes, senses if there are air changes and thus prevents potential fires.

The smart camera monitors your home in real time and operates on both batteries and current, so there is no risk of sudden shutdown.

Smart power outlet allows you to easily control your fridge, microwave and electric oven, TV, dishwasher, washing machine and all other appliances thanks to the remote control functionality. Finally, the emergency button is a small device to be pressed to signal a hazard inside the house

So Heiman offers a wide range of products related to the world of IoT Smart Home and pleases those who wish to live more carefree at least within their home.

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