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NETATMO WELCOME recognizes the face of those entering

Installing a security camera is the best solution to control every movement inside or outside our home and deter any thieves.

To date, wireless home surveillance cameras, which allow us to see inside the house when we are away, are a little similar.

Netatmo Welcome, on the other hand represents the latest hi-tech newfound, since, and able to recognize faces.

Once the smart device is placed at the entrance of the home, it starts recording every activity thanks to the integrated motion sensor and recognizes any friends and family by sending notifications of alerts to the homeowner. You can also remotely stream what happens at home.

Welcome gives your home better security thanks to its revolutionary facial recognition technology.

Welcome is a feature of great use because when it recognizes familiar people it does not warn us, because it considers it normal, while in case it detects the presence of an unknown face, While we are out of the house or at night, it promptly sends us a notification on the smartphone, thanks to the dedicated application available in Android and iOS verision.

The IoT device can also be used as a control system to keep an eye on children who may be returning late in homes, in fact it has night vision, but the facial recognition is turned off.Welcome looks aesthetically like a small cylinder wrapped in a thin layer of aluminium, it matches well with all environments and furnishings, technically it has a shooting in 1080p, is equipped with dual microphone for noise cancellation, a micro SD slot for recordings, with 8 GB card supplied in the starter kit. It works with both wired Ethernet cable connection and wireless Wi-Fi connection. The only limit is the battery so it would be good to place it near an electrical outlet.

The smart camera also has a high degree of security for data exchange between camera and smartphone or PC/Mac, this is guaranteed by the use of encryption systems very advanced.Obviously the first day of installation will be a succession of manual identifications, because the device does not yet know people, so it will take photos, cut out faces and there will ask who these people are. For each person a profile will be created and photos will need to be entered manually.
With these simple steps, our smart eye will guarantee us all the security we need.

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