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Smart air purifier for interior: how to improve air quality

Pollution is now a daily constant. The air we breathe every day is rich in substances that are harmful and harmful to our body. To limit damage, at least in the house, you can choose to use an interior air purifier Today I want to talk about one of the best: AirMega. Let’s discover all the features of this smart object together and the benefits you can get by activating it every day.

How to improve home air quality thanks to AirMega

Simple, compact and design. Airmega is the perfect indoor air purifier for monitoring the health of home environments. You don’t have to fear innovation and technology. The world of the Internet of Things offers many smart objects on the market that do not complicate life, on the contrary, facilitate it. AirMega is a concrete example of what has just been stated. Let’s see together how it works

Thanks to the double grate, pull the bad air from two sides. He purifies it and throws it out of the vents placed in the upper section. The filters used are special because they reduce organic components in the air by up to 99%. Thanks to AirMega, if you or your family members or roommates suffer from allergies from pollen, mites or dust, you won’t have any problems!

A smart interior air purifier

You don’t have to worry about setting settings. The simplicity of AirMega is effective. Intuitive, it presents sophisticated and integrated solutions, but easily accessible by anyone, even the least rip-off.

Air quality monitoring happens in real time and does everything AirMega. Simply check the color of the LED ring to understand the state of health of the home air. Every minute of the day, you will know whether inside your rooms the air is fresh or unhealthy.

The smart function allows this indoor air purifier to adapt independently to the environment in which it is placed. Based on the air quality detected and the light conditions in the room, AirMega adjusts the fan speed alone.

How to save energy and breathe healthy air

AirMega ‘s strengths don’t end there! You don’t have to fear consuming and wasting electricity like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks to Smart Eco Mode, after 10 minutes of detecting healthy air, AirMega disables the fan autonomously. Only if and when the sensor detects pollutants, it will send the fan activation input.

Perfect interaction between indoor air purifier and app

If you’re in the office, in the supermarket or in the car, in short, anywhere, you have the opportunity to check the air in the house. AirMega connects, in fact, to its app allowing you to monitor the air quality inside the house, check the status of the filters, receive real-time updates about the air quality, set the timer to activate the smart air purifier remotely.

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