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NEST CAM Indoor the security camera always on and connected to the Cloud

Nest Cam Indoor is the ideal solution for those who demand maximum safety inside the home.

This is a smart surveillance camera, always connected (24/7), capable of recording 1080p Full HD video at a viewing angle of well 130°. It allows you to “spy” what happens inside your home when you are outside your home but also when you are in a room away from the entrance and for example you are engaged in carrying out household chores. The app connected to the device allows you to play live streaming at any time and everything is recorded and saved in the Cloud for 30 days, even on multiple accounts for the whole family. Not only that, Nest Cam Indoor does not run on batteries but connects directly to the electrical outlet, so its life cycle is endless, and alerts via the dedicated application as soon as Suspicious movements or sudden noises, such as broken glass, are detected.

The main problem with classic surveillance cameras is that they are not always active but only turn on at the occasion, i.e. when they detect movements.

This leads to a loss of data that could be important if not even essential to recognize thieves or to catch them in flagrance of crime.

With Nest Cam it is always possible to review all recordings made (even at night thanks to night vision mode), which is very useful for example at return from a vacation out of town, capture frames and save screenshots. You can also listen to what happens in the home, thanks to the high-quality microphone built into the camera.

Nest Cam Indoor is also compatible with all other Nest products in the IoT world, such as light bulbs and smart window curtains.

You can then decide to keep lights on and windows not quite dimmed when you are outside, so as to fool the thieves by looking like they are in the house.

An item as small (only 11.4 x 3″) as it is smart, which can’t be missed for a smart and secure home.

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