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NETATMO Weather: a focus of technology and design for weather enthusiasts

Netatmo Weather is a personal weather station, an intelligent object with a sophisticated design, belonging to the IoT world of smart home.

It allows you to control both the external and internal environmentof your home at any time using the Netatmo Weatherapp available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.

Moltemples are the factors that contribute to living in comfort within the home walls: temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 quantity, sounds. It is known that the temperature must be perfect for your body, not too high or low compared to your body. Just as it is known to everyone that strong humidity, loud sounds or poor air quality are to be avoided if you want to live to the fullest. Netatmo weather station allows you to detect all this, processing data from the environment in which it is installed and clearly showing it with a simple and intuitive graphical interface. in your smartphone app.

In general, you spend about 80% of your time indoors, and the latter are sometimes more polluted than outdoor environments, though apparently they don’t seem to.

Netatmo measures the level of internal pollution through a CO2 sensor, sending notifications to your smartphone when you need to open your room windows wide interested. Alarms are of 3 types, depending on the air quality and thus the severity of the situation. They range from green to red color, through yellow, just like in a traffic light or like in emergency room codes.

As regards the external environment, it is equally possible to measure temperature, humidity and air quality. The dedicated app also shows useful information such as the current climate condition, the probability of rain, wind speed and direction, the intensity of solar rays expressed in UV. It is always possible to analyze all data recorded in the past (with a recording frequency of 5 minutes), to view those present and even future data, processed according to accurate predictions.

The personal weather station Netatmo has a one-piece aluminium body that perfectly complements the modern decor of your home. The design is elegant and the object is solid and durable, made to last, even against the weather. The inner module, cylindrical, measures 45x45x155 mm.

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