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ROOST: Smart Sensor for Water Leaks

The Roostsensor detects and communicates a water leak via the internet.

The smart sensor for water leaks also does something else, detects moisture and freezing . It’s battery powered with long life, just put it on a floor near the piping or sinks. After installing the app on your smartphone or tablet, the sensor will communicate a possible water leak, a non-normal level of moisture, or freezing of pipelines.

I hope it never happened to you and you will never have a water leak in the house.

Yeah, it happened to me! In that case, particularly when the loss is substantial, action must be taken promptly. When the leak is irrisory, the timeliness may prevent possible infiltration and thus moisture into the walls or roof. So I think it is very useful to have in a smart home, a set of sensorsthat detect and communicate a water leak immediately.

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