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Security Smart Lock: It doesn’t matter if you forget your keys

It happens to everyone at least once in their lives to forget their house or office keys. The haste, the change of purse, the different jacket, there are many reasons. The world of the Internet of Things offers smart objects on the market that help us and facilitate everyday life. Kisi, a German company based in Brooklyn, designed and manufactured a new safety lock system. Perfect for both home doors and office doors To open and close the doors, you will no longer need keys. The smartphone will suffice!

How the Smart Security Lock Works

Kisi was born from the combination of two words “key” and “easy”, in Italian literally key facile. And this is the concept behind this innovative and technological IoT solution. Kisi is a security lock based on a keyless access control system. Through the app and a WiFi connection you can manage the opening and closing of the doors. A 3D printing device interacts with the main security panel, integrating with an entire card key system. The novelty is that instead of keys, it will be enough to approach the smartphone and the door will open. All members of the family or employees of an office will no longer have keys, but a virtual permit.

The programming of the safety lock

The opening and closing permit can be customized for each individual user according to different parameters. From permit time slots, to recognition timing, to recognition system.

A perfect solution for both private and professional life

Kisi is an intelligent object that lends itself well to both the family and the working environment. It is the ideal solution for co-working spaces, start ups and large families, for example. All access is recorded and verifiable by the head of office, owner or parents. The data can be easily accessed by the app or via the web by logging in to your account. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary smart solution and absolutely in line with individual everyday needs.

Kisi is just one of many examples of smart objects on the market. There are a very large number of smart devices capable of replacing traditional security products and systems. What combines these solutions is the technological and innovative component.

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