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ORVIBO MAGIC CUBE changes the way to control electrical appliances in the home

ORVIBO MAGIC CUBE changes the way to control electrical appliances in the home

Orvibo Magic Cube is a smart Wi-Fi remote controller that allows you to revolutionize the way in which you control all the various electrical appliances in your home, such as the TV, lamps, cameras, windows and cameras.

If you needed a remote control before to control each device, now you no longer need it: just Orvibo Magic Cube, a single device to remotely controlall the others.


The Magic Cube connects over Wi-Fi and saves personal settings to your Cloud. You just need to download and install the HomeMate app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices, turn on the cube, set it up and you’re done, you can control it remotely the various devices, exclusively using your smartphone or tablet. So you do not need to have around multiple remote controls, which can be put completely aside, along with the batteries that periodically discharge.

Why is Orvibo ‘s cube magical?

Because by taking your smartphone and opening the HomeMate app you can turn on your TV, choose the TV channel you want to watch and the app shows the suggested channels based on your preferences. And if you want to turn off the light or decrease its brightness, you can always do it from the app, by setting for example cinema mode, which obscures the environment in which the TV is present, by adjusting the lamps and closing the window shutters , to enjoy a movie or TV show fully. When it’s time to go to bed, you can turn on your bedroom lights, such as the abat-jour, and the air conditioning or heating system in advance, for cool or heat the room before entering it.

If you have children who want to keep watching TV or play in another room no problem: with the app you can control them thanks to the smart cameras connected to the Magic Cube and then to the Cloud and the application.

The device supports more than 8,000 of the most famous devices on the market, covers a distance of 8 meters with remote infrared system and is really small (size just over 5 cm per side). He has also received two major awards, the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award and the German iF Design Award, in 2016 and 2017 respectively, due to modern and essential design.

Orvibo Magic Cube makes life easier, at least at home, spending only about 25 euros.

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