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Optimized work environment The solution is called SPACETI.

The world of the Internet of Things is constantly evolving. Areas of application range from health-care to sports. Today we talk about work, presenting Spaceti, the ideal solution to achieve an optimized work environment. A single smart platform accessible by both PC and smartphone. Smart stone, mobile app and web dashboard are the protagonists of this innovative and technological product.

An optimized, secure and connected work environment

Spaceti transformed the way people inhabit and share the environment in which they work. Thanks to the Spaceti App, available for both iOS and Android, you can track and locate colleagues and friends inside the building, as well as quickly orientate and check the state of your environments interior. Indispensable for newcomers, useful for veterans, perfect for those who want a working environment always in good care.

Many advantages thanks to a single intergated system

Spaceti monitor the status of offices, corridors and common spaces. Let’s see together the benefits that the Spaceti Suite offers.


Spaceti guarantees significant cost savings because it helps optimize building management processes.


Thanks to the functions of immediate sharing of any internal problems in the building (faulted printer, electrocuted bulb,…), you can quickly manage the repair operations.

Digital Interactivity

Spaceti allows you to locate colleagues in the office directly on your smart device, indicating the best path to reach them. It also boasts a function to establish meeting points in groups and check the availability of meeting rooms in real time. Makes connections between people interactive. The beating heart of this product is the Smart Stone. Intelligent devices, located inside the building, allowing you to have a digitally interconnected environment thanks to cloud communication exchanges.

What you can do to have an optimized work environment

Wherever you are inside the building, you will be able to monitor all indoor environments in real time, preventing hazardous situations and resolving maintenance problems. Thanks to the Spaceti app, you’ll be perfectly able to quickly orient yourself inside the building by interacting with spaces and people.
You can monitor daily attendance, organize meeting points for meetings and meetings by notifying all participants in real time.

Directly on your smartphone you will have the opportunity to get a preview of the available meeting rooms. You can also choose the best environment based on the activity you want to do. With just a few clicks, in case of emergency, you will locate the fire equipment or safety kit. You will need a simple tap on the screen in order to detect any maintenance problems, such as non-working printers or lightbulbs. In case of an emergency, you will immediately receive security notifications directly on your smart device.

The essential organization for an optimized work environment

Spaceti presents a dashboard where comprehensive information is collected to protect the safety of workers and the stable in which they operate. The graphical interface is simple and intuitive, easy to use. In real time you will have a complete way to monitor what’s going on inside the building. No matter where you are, Spaceti works both desktop and mobile.

The trial version of Spaceti

Spaceti offers interested companies the opportunity to test a free trial. An opportunity not to be missed to preview the benefits of this product in order to have an optimized work environment.

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