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Amazon Alexa Skills for Smart Hospitality

The vacation rental market size has valued $87.09 billion back in 2019 and now that is expected to grow with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% from 2020 to 2027. As per the Airbnb reports the millennials and the younger generations (who interests for a smart solution) accounts for 75% travelers and consumers of vacation rentals by 2025.

The vacation rental (hotel industry) is leading the way in adopting the smart solutions nowadays. This is made possible with the surge in the IoT, AI, and Voice assistance technology being evolving in timely manner. These technologies are growing very fast and making the difference in various industries. Today with the advancement in such smart technologies, vacation rental business is witnessing the race to be more competitive and make the guests come back again.

It’s the right time to innovate using Amazon Alexa skills creating your smart hospitality.

Most of the guests — when they searched for a vacation rental to spend their time, they literally search for a “home away from home”. They obliviously look for a comfortable scenario, this comfortableness can be made possible with the smart technologies integrated into the property (that you are going to own for short period). Those technologies include,

  • Remote access management (smart locks)
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Lighting
  • Doorbell Videos
  • Room cleaning robots
  • Smart Cameras
  • Air conditioners control and temperature monitoring
  • Digital virtual concierge (with custom skills)
  • Water sensors

and still more. Everyone is aware of what this smart technology in a business-like vacation rental can bring, but in parallel controlling and managing them is more important. The more comfortable way of doing so is by using the voice control assistance. This is the more intuitive and hand free way of controlling and enjoying the digital services in smart hotels.

There are various main players in providing the voice assistance services, such as Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Sri), Google Home, etc. These technologies provide a chance to talk control of almost everything right from lights to cameras in the property.

It is already an evident that Amazon Alexa is already performing better than any of their competitors, it has sold more than 100 million Echo devices, 85,000 third-party integration and with Alexa app store having 100,000 skills. Amazon is continuously engaging with its resources to make Alexa more stable and applicable to various use cases (one of which is Alexa for Hospitality). There are some interesting products from amazon that has an inbuilt Alexa technology, but the suitable ones for hospitality services are as follows:

  • Amazon Echo Dot (Jan 3rd)
  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo Show 5
  • Amazon Echo Show 8

These products bring the voice assistance technology to everything from chain hotels to individual vacation rentals. Making guests comfortable in providing the information about the locality, hotel services (pool time, ordering food, room change etc), interact with the smart devices (thermostat, TV, etc), and have access to the third-party services (air quality, temperatures, etc.).

Alexa, what is my address

Alexa, what are the famous place to visit

Alexa, where can I have the breakfast?

Alexa, order wine to my room

Alexa, I need a room change

Alexa Thermostat Set at 23°C

Alexa, what is the air quality around me

Alexa, what is my flight status

Alexa, what is my checkout time

and many more.

Why Alexa for Hospitality?

Alexa being the successful product around the world, is in a leading position for providing the voice assistance technology.

Alexa was not only being focused on the present market to be successful, but it also focuses on the possible future developments and it could add value to vacation rentals in the following ways:

Open system approach:

Through the Alexa platform we have access to tens of thousand of skills developed by 325,000 developers around the world. The developers use Alexa skill kit for the skill development, which is continuously updated for a better developer experience.

This step by Amazon have attracted several developers to develop skills that either integrates with Alexa supported Amazon devices or utilize the Alexa technologies in their own devices.

For such an Alexa solution provider the Alexa platform accelerates the time to market, develop high quality experiences and reduce development cost. Some of the biggest solution providers are LG, Virtual Concierge, Bookcliff Software, Caremerge, Connected Living, IOTAS, Volara, etc. Smart control providers are Crestron and Honeywell. Some of the Alexa skill developers are RAIN and V2B (Voice2Biz).

Apart from making Alexa answer our questions, we can make it to control the smart devices around us. It can be made possible by developing the so-called Alexa skill. It opens the new business opportunity for solution providers (Alexa skill developer and Alexa voice service integrators).

Since Amazon cannot rely on the internal source to develop all the necessary capabilities, it is relying on the open source third-party service providers and collaborative communities for the custom skill development.

We are a third-party B2B solution provider to build a custom skill for smart hospitality. We also help in providing end-to-end smart hospitality solution and services for vacation rentals.

  • Future Challenge:

Since the Amazon products powered by Alexa is witnessing the success, there is still significant room for Echo sales to grow.

It is continuously looking for a room to improve the customer obsession — according to the Wynn case study the 85.6% of guests (vacation rentals) say that the Alexa for hospitality is easy or very easy to use and 83 .7% of the guests were happy or very happy with the service.

  • Marketing Success:

With the Alexa for hospitality, Amazon work seamlessly to provide the wide range of skills through the integrative software and hardware products. Amazon also invest heavily in marketing strategies.

What we can do for you?

With Alexa’s immersive voice experience it provide a powerful tools and technologies to deploy and manage the Alexa enabled devices/third-party devices that has built-in Alexa skills. Alexa is the next powerful voice service platform that redefines the way we control smart devices (machines) and internet (information).

As an Alexa IoT service provider, we take care of the hardware modules, software, personalized skills based on location and services to bring the voice-based guest engagement inside hospitality industry.

Apart from the above benefits Alexa for hospitality holds following features, such as:

  1. It increases the revenue for the property (with voice driven guests IoT engagement)
  2. Helps staff members save time and better interaction with guests
  3. Valuable insights and analytics
  4. Personalize the guest experience
  5. Dynamic language skills
  6. Location based valuable skills and information for guests
  7. Private and Secure.

Contact us for additional details!

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