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The smart weather station to know everything about the climate

Intelligent, wireless, solar powered weather observatory.

Precise, reliable and easy to install, it can transmit 915 MHz from external and internal temperature sensors to the console display. The latter is a full color TFT LCD display, readable both day and night thanks to the excellent brightness that varies automatically depending on the time of day. It is about 16×9 cm wide, embedded in a frame that varies, depending on the side, from about 4 to 6 cm. The console is less than 2cm thick, can be wall mounted and includes an AC adapter. The ObserverIP module, a kind of Wi-Fi modem, is the heart of this IoT device and has dimensions equal to 8×6 cm; its task is to transmit data directly to the Internet.

The sensor it is equipped with is all-in-one, therefore detects from the outside not only the temperature but also the humidity, wind speed and direction, sunlight, UV radiation level and if outside it rains or not.

From the inside it detects the temperature of the room where it is installed, the humidity and the barometric pressure. All this information, both external and internal, is detected at very high frequency, at intervals of only 14 seconds. You can also export them to an SD card so you can keep track of all the data detected over time in some sort of historical archive that shows analyses and detailed graphs in Excel spreadsheets, useful for detecting climate trends over time. The SD card is also useful for periodically updating the system firmware. The display also provides space for information about the phases of the moon and the hours of sunrise and sunset of the sun.

From the main menu you can set all the various parameters, set hearing alarms, or calibrate the aid.

Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP can automatically and in real time send the collected data, so that they are consulted on the website, which offers a dashboard from which you can view all available information and connect all devices available to the Ambient Weather line. The site is also automated in order to send SMS or e-mail messages whenever parameters that are too higher or lower than climate standards are recorded.

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