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Have a connected home? With GIDEON, the smart device aggregator.

Having a connected, smart home means owning smart items that aid in the day-to-day management of actions. But having many smart devices also means owning as many apps to monitor and use in case of need. So, thanks to the innovative idea of a group of young Italian boys, Gideon, the aggregator of smart devices, was born. It is an interface that gives users the ability to connect all smart devices to each other and let them communicate. A truly brilliant idea that promises to revolutionize and make the world of the Internet of Things better. Let’s find out together what it is and how it works.

An app to get your home connected with all smart devices

Gideon is based on cloud technology. No additional hardware is required to monitor and control your home. No matter if the smart objects present in the home are of different brands, Gideon is a multi-brand aggregator, and this is its strength. Through Gideon you can have a connected home, controlled by simple and intuitive dashboards. Users will be able to activate or deactivate the different smart objects with a simple click on the smartphone. A really useful and perfect application to optimize time and monitor everything from one interface.
Thanks to Gideon, you can check and operate via just one app, lighting system, thermostat, windows, alarm, video cameras and any other IoT objects in your home.

A really smart home

Gideon is the perfect solution to make your home really smart. But there is so much else. Gideon is, in fact, able to perform actions on the basis of learning. It offers the ability to automate daily routine actions through automatic execution of sets of scenarios. In concrete, Gideon is able to store the actions to be performed based on the external, internal environment or the presence or otherwise of a person. According to the time, for example, Gideon learns the action to take: open the shower water, turn the lights on or off, turn the thermostat on or off. In short, the home environment will be ready for your individual needs, based on the experiences and scenarios learned by Gideon.

To have a connected home, this smart aggregator, offers a higher level of automation. By creating logical rules based on the if/then, you will have the chance to always have everything under control. When a particular scenario occurs, for example, Gideon will send sms or notifications and start executing pre-established commands.

Having a intelligently connected and managed home

In addition to automation, Gideon was designed to focus on energy consumption. There is, in fact, an algorithm for smart management of heating and lighting systems. Using the Saving Mode option, devices are set up to save as much energy as possible through small steps. For example, turn everything off if there is no one in the house, adjust the brightness of the lights depending on the time slot, avoid extreme temperatures. Gideon is a multi-brand aggregator. This means that it connects with multiple devices. Curious to find out how to make your home smart? Here you will find numerous smart devices for the smart home.

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