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RACHIO Controller for smart irrigation

Welcome to the age of smart or smart homes. Houses where appliances, air conditioning systems and anti-intrusion systems connected through a web platform can be conveniently controlled remotely, with a touch of smartphones.

The future takes us all high tech, starting from the front door to our garden, where we find Rachiothe solution IoT that makes smartirrigation, taking total controlof it, avoiding waste and ensuring healthy and well-groomed plants. A very useful tool that will allow you to monitor the conditions of the soil and the surrounding environment thanks to the highest IoT technology to ensure healthy and lush plants.

In very few simple steps, at any time of the day and from anywhere, directly from your smartphone.

Rachio system forirrigation smart, will automatically calculate the right cycle of water supply, the right amount of water, minimizing runoff.
With the smart irrigation system Rachio , we can intelligently plan , according to our needs, the program that fits best. In this way we can achieve a high potential for saving time, water resource and relative costs. The system allows through thededicated application, toconfigure and monitor regularly, the irrigation system, add technical details such as the type of land present, the type of soil of plant species present, the exposure to the sun of the area and the daily duration of the area.

It references local weather stations to automatically adjust the irrigation schedule based on the gradual update of the forecast.

The Rachio Smart Irrigation Package is very easy to install, despite representing the evolution of theInternet of Things , it does not require specific skills for configuration. It connects quickly via the Wi-Fi connection system and manages to cover up to 16 different zones , this allows us to independently select the parameters for each zone different, directly from our smartphone.
The app is available in both iOS and Android versions and is able to inform us, via real-time notifications if the system has any anomalies.

It gives us the detailed report of the amount of water used, so that we can increase or decrease the flow rate according to the needs required by the ground.

The system also allows us to share access to the irrigation programme with other people, such as our gardener. Thanks to the statistics that are automatically saved, you can provide us with seasonal estimates. We are not obliged to update programs periodically, Rachio can also be autonomous.
Like all outdoor IoT technologies, the Rachio smart irrigation system is suitable for outdoor living, the outdoor cover protects the controller in all weather situations. It can also be installed inside being equipped with modern design.

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Rachio is the certified and tested high tech solution for your garden and smart home. It is possible to have lush gardens saving water, work and time.

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