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Echo Show 5 2nd Gen | Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re on the hunt for the next best thing in smart home and home monitoring or you’ve already bought one, the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen is a great option. With features like Alexa and 1 year of Amazon Kids+, it’s sure to add a little cool to your kid’s room. Not only can it play videos, it can also assist with homework and video calls. Here’s everything you need to know about the new device.

Home Monitoring

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is a 5.5-inch smart camera that connects with bona fide security cameras, such as Wyze and Amazon Ring. The camera isn’t as advanced as those from other companies, but it does have several features that make it ideal for home monitoring. Despite the fact that it doesn’t record video to the cloud, it does have a physical shutter and can take selfies.

The display is the highlight of the new Echo Show 5, which is available in Deep Sea Blue, as well as in a variety of other colors. The screen is about the size of a smartphone and comes with volume controls, a microphone mute button, and a camera privacy shutter slider. The Echo Show 5 is relatively compact, measuring 148 x 86 x 73 mm. Its camera is located on the top right, with thick bezels on either side. The Amazon Echo Show 5 is best used as a bedside alarm clock.

Despite its smaller size, the Echo Show 5 is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor. Compared to the Echo Show 4, the new model is powered by a MediaTek MT8163 processor and the same 1.65-inch speaker driver. It also has a camera that uses two-megapixel pixel technology. While the camera may not be perfect, it’s still far more advanced than the first generation. The front camera is also much improved, with a digital zoom and pan option.

The second-gen Echo Show 5 is available at Amazon for the same price as its predecessor. The new version of the product includes improved audio and video quality, and you can view the camera feed on the device from anywhere. It is better for monitoring your home than the first generation Echo Show 5 for the price difference. Once you purchase your new device, make sure to check out the Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Gen Home Monitoring.

Motion-activated routines

Occupancy Routines enable Alexa to play a variety of sounds or actions when people move nearby. You can choose between motion detection and ultrasonic sound. The former may be more pleasant for some people, but ultrasonic sound is also a good option. To set up motion detection for your Echo Show 5 2nd Gen, open the Alexa app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Scroll down to Devices, tap Echo & Alexa, and tap the Settings icon. Next, select the ‘Motion Detection’ setting from the General section. Now, your Echo Show 5 or other Alexa device is ready to go!

You can configure the devices to turn on and off based on the presence of people in a room, and even turn them off if they are unoccupied. In addition, you can set up routines to play music when people walk into a room and turn them off when they leave. The feature is found in the Alexa app settings. It is easy to turn on or off. Just set a timer or a specific volume.

You can also set up custom sounds for Alexa. Echo users can choose to play certain sounds in their homes or use music to create a mood. Custom sounds are expected to be available later this year. To stop the Alexa voice assistant from playing custom sounds, you can turn off the routine by pressing the mute button on the Echo Show. You can also mute Alexa by tapping the top of the display, or by pressing the microphone mute button.

If you’re looking for a new Echo Show, you should consider the Echo Show 5. The 2nd Gen model is available in Deep Sea Blue, and comes with two years of Amazon Kids access. Despite its small size, this device comes with a lot of useful features. It has a 5.5-inch screen, and the ability to connect with various Alexa speech services. It’s easy to control your home’s Smart Lighting with Alexa.

Camera shutter

The camera shutter on the new Echo Show 5 is a welcome change from its predecessor. Although the new model is slightly larger and has a tapered back, it still has a square camera component. The camera is also two megapixels instead of one, and it can cover the camera lens for a more realistic image. While it may not have the quality of the Show 5’s camera, it’s still a very convenient feature for capturing moments.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 comes in charcoal, deep sea blue, and white.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 has a screen that is roughly the size of a smartphone. You can use it as a photo frame. Prime members can download Amazon Photos for free, which will sync pictures from their phone to the Echo. The Echo Show 5 can also act as a wake-up alarm, waking you 15 minutes before your regular wake-up time. A physical camera shutter is a nice bonus.

The camera on the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen is an excellent addition, and is an important improvement over the first generation. Its camera has also been improved, and its new camera cover is an elegant addition. The new Echo Show 5 also comes in three different colors, and its compact size is ideal for nightstands or smaller spaces. In addition to being an excellent smart display, the Echo Show 5 can act as a camera monitor and an easy-to-scan display for quick information. While the video quality isn’t the best, it still serves its purpose well.

Sound quality

If you are looking for a smart speaker for your home, consider the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen. The new device uses a 1.6-inch full-range speaker, compared to 1.1-inch speakers in the fourth-generation Echo Dot. When playing music, podcasts, or listening to Alexa voice responses, the sound quality of the Echo Show 5 is excellent. However, if you are a diehard music fan and would like to enjoy the same quality, you’ll want to look for something else.

The Echo Show 5 supports a range of music services, including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, and Amazon Music. However, it only has one 1.6-inch speaker, which doesn’t go very loud during our tests. Despite the lack of bass, the sound quality is still decent enough for most use cases. It can be linked to a Sonos system to enjoy high-quality audio.

The Echo Show 5 2nd Gen is not a significant upgrade over the original Echo Show 5, but it still offers excellent value for money. While it’s not a worthy upgrade for first-gen owners, it’s a great buy and still makes a great bedside device or work desk accessory. I hope this review helped you decide whether to buy this new model or stick with the original one. This article was originally published in July 2021 and has since been updated in November.

The second-gen Echo Show 5 is almost identical to its predecessor, with a triangular side profile. You can use it as a mini Echo Show 8 by tilting the screen back. The Echo Show 5 measures 3.4 by 5.8 by 2.9 inches and comes in black and blue color options. The camera sits in the top right corner and has two pinholes for far-field microphones. The top edge contains a mic mute button, volume up/down buttons, and a mechanical camera shutter.


If you are worried about your security, Amazon’s new Echo Show 5 has the solution. Its built-in camera lets you watch the live feed from your home. You can view the feed on the display, on your phone or another Echo device. If you are away from home, you can peek at the camera feed, or you can set an auditory alert. For more security, you can pair your Echo Show 5 with a third-party security camera.

While the Echo Show 5 can be a great device for the home, there are some things you should know first. This device doesn’t follow you around on its own, so it won’t be your bedside companion. It can be viewed through an app, though, which means that it’s not perfect for bedside viewing. You can even use the camera to catch prank calls – just make sure to keep the privacy shutter open!

While the original model had a quad-core processor, the new version is more stable. There are fewer lags when swiping on the screen, and Alexa responds quickly to your voice commands. The display’s screen isn’t the same size, but it’s still quite big. The newer version is designed for security. The screen isn’t too small to be useful for home security, but it’s still useful for checking-in with your family.

Another difference between the two is the camera’s size. The new Echo Show 5 offers a much smaller screen than the Nest Hub. The camera features a two-megapixel resolution and can be used to take pictures of your home. Its screen is the size of a smartphone. While this is great for convenience, it can’t quite match the security capabilities of the Nest Hub Max camera. You can use this camera in multiple settings and create automated home routines with it.

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