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Cooking smart with NISE WAVE

It comes straight from America and promises delicious, dot-cooked food. How? With an innovative, simple and perfect method. Yes, perfect, because every food to be at the top, must be cooked at the right temperature, not a degree more, not one less. Nise Wave is the ultimate smart device for smart cooking. There are no more excuses: all courses will be tasty and appetizing. Let’s find out together what it is and how it works.

How to cook intelligently and healthily

Nise Wave is a smart device that allows you to cook everything and more simply by dipping food in a pot of water. No added fats and oils, but genuine, tasty flavors. It sounds amazing, but we assure you it’s real. This way of cooking has a precise name: sous-vide, and we are sure it will win over Italians too! No longer have to worry about cooking meat, fish, vegetables, soups or sweets. Simply soak the ingredients in a pot of water, insert Nise Wave, access the app and set the desired parameters. Do you want a medium cooking? Well, your steak will be for real cooked according to your desire. Do you prefer her to blood? Nise Wave will indicate the perfect temperature that the water must have and the time to comply. Comfortable, right?

A smart device and an app for smart cooking

Thanks to Nise Wave you will have more free time to spend on yourself and your hobbies. You will need to set the cooking time, to devote yourself to your interests, while lunch or dinner are cooked safely on your own. The Nise Wave app is full of tips and tips for preparing delicious dishes. You will have access to more than 100 recipes, one more good than the other. Small, compact, water resistant and can be controlled both manually and remotely via WiFi. Nise Wave will be your personal Chef!

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