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TADO: Smart Thermostatic Head

Tado‘s intelligent thermostatic head, installed directly in the radiator in a simple way, keeps the temperature set by us and varies the temperature according to our will.

Such a temperature can be displayed and selected directly. Turning your head or via the internet with a smartphone, tablet or PC at a distance. The software installed on the devices allows you to program every single head in order to have the right temperature in each area and at any given time of the day according to to the seasons. The head is powered by long-lasting AA batteries , so it does not require power from the mains. It’s compatible with IFTTT, Amazon Echo and soon Apple HomeKit platforms (coming this winter).

How many times will it have happened to approach the radiator and raise or lower the temperature during the day.

Or set the radiator to 5 after a very cold evening and leave in the morning without lowering it. It will also happen to have very cold and other hot areas of the house. All this is not energy-efficient and can greatly raise the expense of heating . You will also want to configure all the individual heads before returning home or sitting comfortably on the sofa.

This item helps make your home a smart home.

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