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AirTags and Bluetooth Trackers Review

Are you one of those who lost items very often? Or the one who wants to have a meetup with friends right after 20 minutes but couldn’t find the car keys? Either way, the best Airtags or Bluetooth Trackers are going to help you!

Nothing can be much worse than holding something in hand at the moment and can’t find it the next second. It’s not just a frustrating feeling but will ruin your whole schedule. And we know you’re not the only one who feels this; the numbers are just many more. 

But worry now! We’re here to ease this maddening feel in your life with the best Airtags or Bluetooth trackers.

What is a Bluetooth Tracker?

A small and thin device resembling the tile-like appearance helps you keep your belongings in your sole possession. It’ll keep track of every essential item to which it is attached and thus indulge your mind in peace. No matter if the item is lost or just hiding under the sofa in your living room, these Bluetooth trackers will increase your odds of finding it.

Are AirTags similar to Bluetooth Trackers?

Yes, AirTags will work similarly, just like the Bluetooth tracker, which helps you find the lost items. Similar to trackers, these tile-like AirTags utilized Bluetooth connectivity to find the lost items. There are multiple brands in the market, including Tire, Adero, and more, trying their best with the advanced tracking technology. 

What AirTags offer best is the ultimate connectivity and ease with the iOS devices. Their integration with Apple-based devices is out-of-the-world! But have you ever wondered what fuels them to leap into this technology world? Here you go!

How will AirTags work?

Reportedly, AirTags will be equipped with suitable chips that’ll improve their connectivity with iOS devices. Similar to Bluetooth trackers, you’ll attach them with your respective item and will be able to locate it using iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices. Isn’t it much fun to have this in your life?

How to buy the best AirTags or Bluetooth Trackers?

AirTags and Bluetooth trackers are way too much easier to find but hard to choose from! Plenty of choices and their compatibility options complicate things further. But worry not! Finding the perfect match as per your gadgets is no more a thing now. Our ultimate guide includes all the facts and considerations that’ll help you arrive at a better deal. Let’s delve into the details:

Factors to consider while buying Best AirTags or Bluetooth Trackers:

Ease of Installation:

Who likes to fatigue his/her brain while installing a gadget? We bet you don’t! Thus, before anything, make sure to check for the ease of installation regarding the Best AirTags and Bluetooth Trackers. It must follow the rule- attach, synch, and go! Any extra step would cost you time, and the investment will turn out to be wasted. Moreover, there is no point in following lengthy instructions and actions as this gadget is aimed to ease the lives.

Range of Connectivity:

Range matters most as it’s all about finding the lost items! Most of the Bluetooth trackers have a range of 500 inches to 500 feet. On the other hand, some devices will follow the LTE GPS connection for a broader range. Tile’s Tracker has a range of 150 feet usually. Any good guess for Apple’s AirTag will be in between the 200-400 feet. However, Apple is known for its unique technology; that must we witness in this invention.


Getting something extraordinary which not only adds convenience but complements your style is bliss! Make sure to buy the Best AirTags or Tracker, which suits your modern lifestyle and fashion statement. Apple’s AirTag will have a white outlook with an Apple sign on the top with an attachment point at the rear end, giving a pleasing aesthetic.

Battery Life:

Bluetooth Trackers are something you can freely keep with you! Thus, the battery life matters most after the range of connectivity. Imagine finding your lost item but couldn’t due to the low battery of AirTag or Tracker. The replaceable batteries can last for months, while the rechargeable ones usually do not come in these types of trackers.

Note: Apple’s AirTag is believed to have the CR2031 coin battery similar to the Tile Pro reportedly! And the battery will be easily replaceable by opening a single screw as per the reports.

Best AirTags and Bluetooth Trackers:

1. Apple’s Airtag – What It Has To Offer?


Design and Assembly:

Apple’s products have always been under the spotlight due to being immersed in their design and unique style statement. That’s what is expected from the AirTags! Reportedly, AirTags are believed to come with the Airpods look-alike style. A white soft-colored tag with an Apple Tag in the middle, similar to a thin coin, will make a lightweight assembly overall.

Battery Life:

Apple’s AirTag will be provided with the removable CR2032 battery, which simply resembles the coin-shaped cell. It’ll not be user-friendly in replacing the battery after a year or two but makes it feather-light. The tag will have a simple screw at the back, by which users can even replace the non-rechargeable battery themselves.


Reports have stated a more manageable process in connecting this nifty gadget with the iOS devices. As per some reports, the Best AirTags will follow the path of AirPods and connect with iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices by bringing it near them. Other reposts have stated the “setup AirTag’’method will be introduced.   

Track Items in a Breeze:

When it comes to the best AirTags; it will have the capability to attach to various items, including a purse, luggage, keys, and more. After clipping, it will beep to tell you the exact location. Once going far, it’ll again send the notification alerts on your iOS device to stay in the proximity of your luggage. If paired with the iOS device, it can also access the iCloud.


  • Lost-mode enabled
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight as coin


  • Only for iOS devices

2. Tile Pro High-performance Bluetooth Tracker:


Find keys, bags, or anything:

Have you ever wondered how much these lost items are wasting your time? Imagine you couldn’t be able to find your car’s keys when going to a meeting! Tile Pro is a tracker device that’ll help you find anything via its professional-grade construction and advanced technology. Its versatility enables you to find keys, backpacks, luggage, and every item prone to loss and essential.

Powerful Range:

Tile Pro has a high-performing range for connectivity, which helps find the lost items quickly. The Tile’s Official smartphone application rings the alarm within a range of 400 ft. Moreover, it has an option to find faraway objects. Tile Application will check for the recent location outside the Bluetooth range and takes help from the Tile Network.

Upgrade the Experience:

Tile Pro has the ultimate solution to your lost items. But what if we tell you can maximize this experience by subscribing to Premium Protect for Proactive finding features. You can also benefit from the premium services like item reimbursement, smart alerts, and free battery replacement.


  • Works with both Android and iOS
  • 400ft Bluetooth range
  • Water-resistant option
  • One year replaceable battery


  • Heaviest among all tiles

3. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker:


Finding Stuff is Easy:

CubeSmart Tracker has made finding stuff easier; 1, 2, 3, and you’re done! You need to tag this smart Tracker with the essentials prone to lose now and then. Also, you can find your lost jacket, keys, and phone by simply pressing the button on the application. You can do it another way too! Yes, now you can ping your smartphone by pressing the button on the Cube; the phone will ring itself.

Durable at its Peak:

Cube has come up with something extraordinary that stands from the rest in terms of versatility and durability. The trackers can bear harsh temperature conditions (even zero degrees) and are waterproof.

Clicks the Camera:

Cube Key Finder does something more than you think. It helps you click photos and capture your happy moments with the shutter button on the Tracker. Isn’t it cool? No need to ask someone to click your group photos now; settle down and press the SHUTTER!

Last Known Location:

No matter even if you’re out of the Bluetooth zone, the Tracker will still work. It informs you of the last known location on the map and senses via Bluetooth about its expected distance.


  • Works for every item
  • One year battery life
  • Crowd find option
  • Waterproof IP67


  • Customers complain about connectivity.

4. Runway Tag Bluetooth Finder:


Attaches Easily:

Many of you might struggle hard to attach the smart Tracker with multiple items! If so, this Runway Tag Bluetooth Finder will be the ultimate choice for you, presenting the easy-to-bind option. Aluminum Square Tag is not only durable but attaches with the keys, luggage, water bottles, and more in a breeze.

Replaceable Battery:

Runway Tag makes sure that you don’t lose any item because of the Tracker’s battery! You can even find your lost luggage after three months as the Runway Tag battery survives for three months. The CR2025 battery resembles the button cell shape and is easy to replace in simple steps.

Runway Official App:

Runway tag comes with the official application from the manufacturer that seems user-friendly and easy to use. Next time you cannot find your phone, there is no need to be panic. Runway tag will handle everything by ringing your mobile phone once your press the button on the tag.

Know the Location:

Another noteworthy feature for this Runway tag is you can find where you left last! This way, you can reach that point and try connecting the Bluetooth with the tag; if connected, the item will be in your possession.


  • Last seen location
  • Replaceable CR2025 battery
  • Six months battery life
  • 90 dB high alarm


  • Slow as compared to others

5. Cube Shadow Item Tracker:


Green Initiative:

Cube doesn’t want the users to fill up the landfills with the trackers every year! Thus, promoting the green initiative, Cube Shadow has put forward a rechargeable battery option, which lets you get rid of replaceable batteries as well as discarding the Tracker completely. Charge the battery without discarding it completely; you’re good to go with finding items!

Wireless Charging:

Gone are the days where you need to charge the Tracker every often with a cable! Everything is going wireless, just like the Cube Shadow tracker. It let you charge the Tracker without removing it from your stuff.

Thin as Coin:

Are you tired of carrying a big chunky piece of gadget with your luggage? Not anymore! This smart Tracker or tag comes within a thin body shape that simply resembles the coin. You won’t even know that there is something in your pocket or attached with your favorite item.

Ring your phone:

Never lose your phone again once you own this nifty gadget in your closet. It’s a simple and convenient way to keep track of your smartphone to never get late for meetings again. You can ring your mobile via double pressing the button on the cube Shadow- even if it’s on silent!


  • Wireless charger
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Disconnect alert
  • Thin and compact


  • Not much loud

6. Nutale Focus Key Finder:


Anti-Lost Finder:

Never lose your items now! Nutale Focus has changed the game of tracking items using its versatile yet advanced alert system. It keeps you aware of the traceable items to which the Tracker is attached so that you never forget your items anywhere. You can connect it with your smartphone via the application, and it keeps on running at the backend. Notification alerts will ring once the tracker disconnects!

Find Items In a Breeze:

Do you often misplace your essentials? It must not be this way as it’ll ruin your time! Natalie has eased your work a lot in finding the items you love and adore. Simply attach the Tracker with your luggage, and you’re good to go. You can press the button on the Tracker to make your phone beep.

Longer Battery Life:

Bluetooth tracking may use a lot of battery while tracking! But the longer battery life keeps you going in finding the misplaced items. Powered with the CR2032 battery, the survival time for this Nutale is over ten months and then can be replaced in some simple steps.

Portable and Thin:

Smart Key Finder doesn’t let you go out of fashion! This finder has a compact size, which helps carry it around without any hassle. Thus, utilizing this perk, you can even place it inside the wallet to use it as a wallet finder.


  • Time location map
  • Six months replaceable battery
  • Ideal wallet finder
  • Stylish look


  • Notification alerts are not audible.

7. BEBONCOOL iOS Key Finder


Find Items:

BEBONCOOL has come up with the keys finder option by which you can locate or track the keys in a wireless manner. Utilizing the dual GPS fob and a Bluetooth Tracking option, it’s more than efficient to track and find items with more preciseness. Moreover, the iOS and Android compatibility of BEBONCOOL frees you from more worries in your daily life.

Intelligent Tracking:

BEBONCOOL has transformed location tracking, which lets you look for the items uniquely! It has an intelligent disconnected location record in the NUT app- the official smartphone application from the BEBONCOOL. The NUT application not only tracks the real-time location of this finder but keeps a whole history. This way, you can even walk up to your lost items in real-time.

Two-way Method:

Like most of the Tracker and tags in the market, BEBONCOOL tracking device also comes with two-way tracking. You can look for items using the one-touch search method. On the contrary, the finder itself can ring your phone by the double-press. The phone will beep even in silent mode- isn’t it much convenient?


  • Ten months battery life
  • 30-40 meters range
  • Two-way search method
  • GPS tracking


  • Attached Hitch looks fragile

8. Chipolo One Bluetooth Tracker


Loudest Tracker:

Chipolo has proudly launched the Chipolo One 2020 model, which is found to be the World’s Loudest Tracker! The water-resistant chipset and the 120dB notification alarm keeps you connected with all your precious belongings. No need to lose your items and waste your time now as the Chipolo will take over your previous tracking device!

Use it anywhere:

Utilize the device anywhere without any worry! Do you wonder why? One of the noteworthy attributes is its water-resistant construction, which lets you find the keys, luggage, bag, and any item in a breeze regardless of the working environment. Moreover, the Chipolo owns a tiny size giving you the utmost versatility and ease in the attachment.

 Longer Battery Span:

The Chipolo 2020 is powered with the CR2032 battery, which is easy to replace in some simple steps. Two years of longer battery life keep things going and get you notified on-time.


  • Easily replaceable battery
  • No subscription needed
  • 120dB alarm level
  • Water-resistant


  • It hardly works with Android 

9. Musegear Bluetooth Tracker


No More Complications:

No one wants a tracker that puts him/her in more complications rather than ease! Thus, bringing you the Musegear Tracker utilizing Bluetooth technology helps you follow the path of your lost items. You can connect the items with the Tracker, and the loud beep sound will let you know where they are!

No more Loss:

As said, finding the lost item is such a relief! You simply cannot waste your investment on expensive items and lose them every often. Musegear has launched the Tracker to make things simple, which needs just 4 seconds to locate your precious belongings. Thus, it’ll save you much of your time as long as the item is in its reach.

Trustworthy and Efficient:

Musegear is backed by the 24 months of warranty from the European Supplier and is trustworthy more than ever. Talking about efficiency, the device can track items within 90m of radius, even through the walls. The notification beeps are considered 3x powerful as compared to the competitor brands.


  • Wide range (90m)
  • 12 months battery life
  • BLE-5 enabled
  • Saves time


  • No ringtone change 

10. FiloTag KeyFinder 2020


Tag your Objects:

Filo Tag comes with the integrated key finder option, which eases things in your life! This tag can be attached to the items and belongings, which let you find them using the smartphone application. Filofax, connected to your items, rings, or beeps to let you know the presence- whether under the sofa or in the closet.

Low Energy:

Filofax has low energy consumption as compared to other Bluetooth enabled tags. Thus, you don’t need to lose your valuables due to low battery. Specialized Bluetooth LE technology will save the smartphone’s battery life as well.

Wide Range:

Never worry about the lost item now, as this wide range Bluetooth-enabled tag minimizes the distances. Its 80m wide range helps you find the lost items even through the walls. The replaceable CR2032 battery preserves the environment and promotes the green earth initiative.


  • CE certified
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • Poor rubber construction

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandRangeBattery Life/TypeWater-resistanceConnection
1. Apple’s AirTagApple300-400ft.1 Year Replaceable BatteryYesiOS connection-enabled chips
2.Tile Pro High-performance Bluetooth TrackerTile400 ft.1 Year Replaceable BatteryYesBluetooth
3.Cube Key Finder Smart TrackerCube200 ft.1 Year Replaceable BatteryYes (IP67)Bluetooth
4.Innway Tag Bluetooth FinderInnway100 ft.6 months Replaceable BatteryYesBluetooth
5.Cube Shadow Item TrackerCube200 ft.Rechargeable batteryYesBluetooth
6.Nutale Focus Key FinderNutale150 ft.10 months Replaceable BatteryBluetooth
7.BEBONCOOL iOS Key FinderBEBONCOOL100 ft.10 months Replaceable BatteryGPS + Bluetooth
8.Chipolo One (2020) Bluetooth TrackerChipolo200 ft.2 Years Replaceable BatteryYesBluetooth
9.Musegear Bluetooth TrackerMusegear300 ft.1 Year Replaceable BatteryYesBluetooth
10.FiloTag KeyFinder 2020Filo260 ft.1 Year Replaceable BatteryBluetooth

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Are Bluetooth trackers and AirTag follow the same principle?

A. The purpose of both is pretty much the same. However, Apple always comes with something new, and yet again, the same is expected from the airbag. AirTag is believed to have a one-year battery life span and lost-mode (by which iPhone users can contact you on finding your item), making it stand out of rest!

Q. How AirTags will find the lost item?

A. AirTag will follow the same principle as the Bluetooth trackers. It can be clipped to your belonging, and once attached, you can keep track of it via your iOS device.


You must be irritated from the habit where you forget after keeping things in place! Worry not, as AirTags and Bluetooth trackers will clear these qualms off your mind! They can be clipped to your item and ring once you’re going out of the proximity. Keep your hands on these top 10 trackers of all time so you won’t lose anything personal again!

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