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Sport and innovation, TURINGSENSE technology to capture all movements

Turingsense, founded in 2014, is a research and development company as part of the development of wearable technologies. A Start Up that combined sport and innovation by offering smart and revolutionary solutions on the market. Turingsense wearables are made up of inertial sensors for consumer applications, both in sports and rehabilitation. A company that embraces the multidisciplinary method, founded on the direct application of computer, electronic and biomedical engineering to the human movement.

The meeting of sport and innovation in Silicon Valley

Turingsense is a perfect example of an exponent company of the world of the Internet of Things. You can call it a pioneer of wearable sports technology. He designed and developed a portable smart device that can record all movements made during the performance of a sport, even at high speed. Analytical feedback on the data collected is available immediately to optimize your personal technique and prevent any injuries.

Turingsense’s revolutionary reality where sport and innovation walk together

Born in Silicon Valley and also present in Italy, Turingsense offers smart objects and smart solutions. Turingsense is revolutionary because the technology it exploits is cutting edge. Biomechanics form the foundation for building a future in sports injury prevention, sports performance assessment and technique optimization. A brilliant and dynamic Start Up, whose core business is based on recording and analyzing movements for precision, optimization and improvement. A virtual reality platform where endless possibilities for fun and improvement coexist. The motto of Turingsense products is to have a concrete improvement based on understanding activities and movements.


Born specifically for the tennis world, Pivot is a smart application funded by Amarican crowfunding. It is based on hardware technologies that can be wearable and usable through the creation of software libraries for the relief and measurement of human movement. The whole process leverages cloud technologies, allowing performance and prevention data to be usable, not only to the team of experts, but also to the amateur end user.
Pivot is a motion data acquisition and analysis system. Multi sensors allow you to capture all changes even at high speed. The ultimate purpose of this IoT device is technique improvement, training monitoring and injury prevention. Sensors must be placed on your body and tennis racket. Through the app they are connected to, you can then get immediate feedback to edit the technique.

A solution of the Internet of Things of absolute strategic value for both great sports teams and players, as well as lovers of sport.
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