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Play the keyboard anywhere and at all times

For many people music is a daily constant. Playing is a hobby and sometimes a job that unites more and more people.

However, it is not always possible to compose and make melodies everywhere. To meet this need, the world of the Internet of Things, presents an intelligent device that allows you to make music even without a real instrument. Miselu C24 is a wirelessmusic keyboard, compatible with iOS system devices, allowing you to play anywhere you are. Thanks to Miselu C24, your iPad will become a real tool to share sounds, melodies, composition of all kinds.

The musical keyboard that won over funders too

Miselu C24 was founded as a project on Kickstarter; with a great success and considerable approval, it achieves the quota needed to be developed well before the end. It’s an iPad cover that can transform into a two-octave music keyboard — 24 keys available to play all the chords and notes of your favorite songs. The classic springs present under the keys are replaced by magnets that convey the sensation of playing a semiweighted musical keyboard. Compared to springs, magnets have an advantage highly appreciated by large users of Miselu C24: longevity and wear resistance . Placed above the key section, is a ribbon controller, divided into two sections, both illuminated by 32 LEDs.

 Let’s find out together how C24 works

The smart music keyboard sends MIDI inputs to your Apple device and works with a music app installed on your device. The Miselu C24 is equipped with low energy bluetooth, allowing longer battery life, up to 20 hours of music alone.

The IoT device can be easily recharged using a micro USB plug, included in the initial purchase package. This is a smart musical keyboard, which will star during parties, trips or evenings with the company. It’s not an actual musical instrument, but the sound quality comes very close to actual instruments. Enjoy modulating sounds and playing with high and low tones. Give your creativity and imagination with Miselu C24. This music keyboard works and is compatible with more than 500 apps that can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store: a real enjoyment for music lovers to experience competitions, learn new tunes or just cheer the company.

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