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Amazon Sidewalk: bring the real potential to your smart home

Internet of Things (IoT) a revolution that helps to witness how comfortable humans leading their day-to-day life. Thanks to several big corporates and companies playing a big role in contributing to the space of IoT smart home devices. These tech giants include Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

It was well predicted that smart home market was estimated at USD 70 – 75 billion during the years of 2018. This statics in the smart home market was expected to grow abruptly with the estimate of CAGR of 15% during the period of 2019 – 2025.

Why we need Amazon sidewalk?

Time being pushed forward the smart home technology is evolving in such a way that it exceeds the customer’s expectation. The First-generation of these products involves remote control and automation. Nowadays smart home devices come with the capability to learn your daily activity with high-level automation. With the evolution of smart home technologies, the best thing is that you really want to do nothing, even though these skillful devices will make your day more special and comfortable.

To make your home smarter in several ways possible it includes the efforts of smartphones, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, window blinds, heaters, air conditioners, appliances, cooking utensils, and still more. The devices obey (communicate – send and take information) exactly how you want them to.

These devices are what exactly called as a network of connected devices (IoT), they mainly use WiFi (Wireless fidelity) and Bluetooth to remain connected and interface with the central platform (home wireless router).

The smart devices can only be effective in means of connection and usage inside the house. Extending these smart devices ranges around and outside the house need 5G cellular, which is more complex.

In order to break the conventional way and not to make customers compromise with the complex solution in the smart home devices, Amazon came up with an exciting solution called the Amazon Sidewalk. This new technology was introduced to make the smart home devices more reliable, capable of long-distance communication, secured data delivery, and ease of integration.

What exactly Amazon Sidewalk solves and introduces?

There is a number of wireless communication protocols have been developed and used in the domain of connected devices (IoT) in smart homes. These old protocols include WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, etc. These protocols have their own limitations, and they say no for some use cases such as long-distance connectivity.

To ease this problem Amazon sidewalk developed a new protocol that uses the 900 MHz spectrum (reserved for amateur UHF radio broadcasts), delivers low bandwidth and long-distance connectivity. This new protocol used by Amazon Sidewalk can increase the connection range from a few meters to half a mile/one kilometer. It is well suited and destined for the smart home devices used at the edge of the home network. This developed protocol used by Amazon Sidewalk opens a new path for low-cost, low-bandwidth sensors and smart devices together to create a secure long-distance connection.

The key insight into the Amazon Sidewalk is that it uses mesh networking technology. It is simply that the more the devices into the network stronger the network becomes (someone’s Sidewalk enabled the network to act as a connection bridge to someone’s Sidewalk enabled device creating a strong and powerful mesh network).

Devices compatible to support the Amazon Sidewalk:

This system was intended to be integrated and built inside the Amazons Echo platform, Amazon also revealed that Tile as a third-party platform to support the system. The Ring camera of the version mentioned below also supports the Sidewalk platform.

A lot of them supports this serious Sidewalk platform as listed below:

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