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Sweaters and Pants with Sensors: training with ATHOS

In the Internet of Things age, we find a multitude of connected devices, from bracelets to watches, from glasses to sensors in shoes. We knew that it wouldn’t have to spend so much time finding smart clothes in the world of wearable devices as well.

Athos, a Silicon Valley startup, recently developed technical clothing, equipped with sensors and detectors that analyze physical activity.

Smart and connectedsportswear, thanks to built-in sensors, transmits workout data via Bluetooth to a processing center that follows progress via app.
The IoT set looks like a normal training suit consisting of two elements: a jersey and a pair of trousers, these can be worn alone or under other garments and are diversified in models for men and women.
The set is equipped with sensors integrated into the fabric, very tight fit, and is machine washable, the weight is less than 20 grams, there are also hidden pockets for storing keys and other articles.

The smart mesh contains 14 EMG sensors, 2 heartbeat meters and 2 breathing detectors.
Smart pants on the other hand contain 8 EMG sensors and 4 heart rate meters.

Electromyography technology manages to monitor the activity of as many as twenty-two muscle groups, so the amount of data detected by sensors is really huge.

This set is unique for its ability to collect data from multiple points of the body, allowing the athlete to simultaneously track information regarding biceps, triceps and quadriceps.

Data is collected from the center of the IoT system, called Core, this device contains all electronics and artificial intelligence, interprets biosignals and sends them via Bluetooth to the smartphone. This application, configures itself as a real virtual personal trainer, so it allows us to know if we are performing the exercises with the correct technique and analyzes the performance for the attainment of the objectives set. Training periods or sets of exercises that are stored can be stored and analyzed even after a long time.

The application can also indicate in real time even minimal imbalances in shape and strength that could damage the entire muscular system and cause injury.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only compatible with iOS 7 or later operating systems and devices equipped with a BLE protocol, i.e. from the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 onwards.
Athos’s smart system enables passionately trained people to keep fit and healthy to use cutting-edge technology.

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