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ECO BEE 4: the smart object that redefines the concept of thermostat

EcoBee4 is a smart thermostat. In fact, it’s much more: you can even ask for the news of the day to find out what happened in the world, or order products directly from online shops.

It is therefore not the classic thermostat that can read the temperatures of a room, not least because EcoBee4 detects those of all the rooms where the various sensors have been placed in disposition. In this way, when switching from one room to another, annoying temperature changes are avoided and health benefits them. The device also integrates the Amazon Alexa Voice service, with which you can request the activation of some functions simply by talking in the direction of the flashing blue light, emanating from the device . So your hands are free to perform other tasks and you can vocally perform all the commands you want, thanks to the built-in microphones.

Some examples of available commands?

Set a timer lasting a few seconds or many minutes, play music from a radio station according to the genre you prefer, set the ideal temperature for each environment, create lists of the shopping and add from time to time the products to buy and even ask for culinary recipes to amaze friends invited for lunch or dinner. EcoBee4 will always respond with a loud and clear voice, impeccable even when you are standing metres away.

And if you are not at home but you have the need to dictate some activities to be carried out at the thermostat?

No problem with the official app available for Android and iOS. The latter works not only on the iPhone but also on the Apple Watch, for maximum comfort. Even in the case of prolonged absence outside the home, such as when you are on holiday, you can notify EcoBee4, always via the app, so notifications or alarms will be sent reminders. Finally, the device is Energy Star certified and allows you to reduce consumption by more than 20%, for example by enabling “out of home” mode that saves a lot of energy.

What about, with such a thermostat you want to live your home relying on IoT technology for many everyday home tasks.

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