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PLANT LINK the intelligent sensor that gives voice to plants

Born from the worldof the Internet of Things that studies and develops devices for every need. PlantLink is the intelligent sensor that gives voice to plants.

It was born to make your plants communicate with you.

Surely in the past if they told us we could communicate with our garden plants, we would never have believed it. Instead, this is precisely the perspective in which the world of IoTdrives us.

With the PlantLinksensor, plants can’t talk yet, but we can give them a voice.

Surely the gardening hobby is a good approach to reconnecting with nature and pulling the plug from the daily routine around us. The hobby of gardening, today can bring amazing results thanks to the internet of things and smart objects.

IoTscience, which focuses on studying innovative solutions to simplify the management of household activities and improve quality of life, is now sufficiently mature to open a new segment of the market. In this market we also find PlantLink the smart sensor that represents the technology solution.

He’s the smart ally for our backyard jobs.

It’s okay to have the green thumb, but having it smart is added value. Getting a hand out of PlantLink‘s technology can make a real difference, for a blast of 360-degree greenery.

The operation of this IoT device is very simple.

Simply insert the PlantLink sensor into the ground we want to monitor and through the use of the official app we can connect to the hub, valves and app. Each sensor can be named with a nickname, based on the plant being monitored. Thanks to the rich database of over 50,000 types of vegetation, PlantLink will advise you where, when and how much water to give to the selected plant or area.

The application provides in real time, in addition to the level of “thirst” of the plant also a calendar with the days and hours in which to proceed with irrigation.

Also if something doesn’t work the PlantLinkdevicegets in touch with you even if you’re out of the house through sms, push notificationsand  email.  Simply set your preferences the most convenient way for you to receive alerts and information about caring for your plants.

Automation plays a key role by promoting the improvement of quality of life, but also for everything related to intelligent resource management.

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