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Smart monitoring of your home with CUBE SENSOR

We can rely on many smart devices that are able to measure physical activity, quality and quantity of sleep, but also food intake, these wearable devices there help build and maintain a healthy lifestyle, other IoT world devices help us keep control of the elements of our home, from the irrigation system to the safety, however, it is impossible to determine whether there are external and invisible factors that threaten the quality of our lives.

For this reason, devices dedicated to smart monitoring of the quality of home environments have finally been studied and designed.

CubeSensors is a small smart device that helps us discover how, even the smallest changes in the environment around us, are able to influence our well-being.

Theconnected object is able to analyze everything inside the home environment, disturbs the well-being of its inhabitants, notifying via app the items to pay attention to and suggesting the simple solutions to solve the problem.

This Smart device allows us to accurately and in real time measure the quality of the air we breathe inside our home, it is not only.

The HiTech cube has a very small size, so much to stand in the palm of your hand, its very simple and refined design makes it suitable for any type of furniture, externally it is coated with polycarbonate so the surface is soft and smooth, on the front and back it is covered with perforated metal.

In its slightest size CubeSensors contains seven powerful and highly sensitive sensors that analyze all important aspects of the internal environment, the done every minute and allows us to have real-time monitoring even when we’re out of home thanks to syncing with the app.

The IoT device can be used wirelessly and can be charged if necessary, is easy to set up and the application is compatible with both Android operating systems that iOS.

But let’s see in detail what we can do with the help of CubeSensor.

We can save energy and money, avoid overheating of the household or overcooling, so always have the right temperature according to the moment (work, leisure or the sleep).

Control the brightness of the rooms and ensure the right light for our activities.

Sleep better, avoiding problems that may arise from excess spoiled air or temperature changes.

Check and know the air we breathe with CO2 measurement.

Check what are the least harmful products, to use for household cleaning and shop more conscious.CubeSensors with gentle sound pulses alerts us when it’s time to go to sleep, when you need to open the windows for air change, when we need to adjust the temperature, or lower the intensity of lighting.

In addition to all these features, the mini smart device is equipped with video surveillance camera for remote control.

We can say that thanks to CubeSensor our home will be a safe place at 360°.

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