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ORVIBO Security Kit: the IoT guardian of your family

Orvibo, a leading technology company in the smart products of the Internet of Things dedicated to the home, has thought of a solution for the complete security of homes and therefore families that live in them: the Security Kit.

These are four smart devices, the ZigBee Mini Hub, the door and window sensor, the motion sensor and the Wi-Fi camera for indoor environments, which can be purchased together.

With Orvibo Security Kit you can give a cut to concerns about the safety of your home. Wherever you are, you can always control what’s going on inside your home walls and receive instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet, so you don’t have to Not even open the app and remember to take a look at your home.

In more detail, you can use smart alarms, remote reminders and real-time controls of the various rooms, thanks to continuous recording by the cameras and the warning system immediate in case of problems.

If you are in or out of your home, even thousands of miles away, you can command any household appliance with a touch. For example, if it starts to rain while shopping at the supermarket and you have left the windows open, just open the app and close them in one gesture. Orvibo Security Kit, thanks to the window sensors, will do the rest, so you save time and effort and live more serenely.

If someone enters the house, motion sensors detect it and an alarm notification immediately appears on their smartphone or tablet where Orvibo’s HomeMate app is installed, available either for iOS than for Android.

You can decide to ignore all notifications or receive only the most important notifications, as in the case of motion detection. The indoor Wi-Fi cameras finally plan to record everything and make it available to stream on the application, in real-time. In this way, if you are familiar to enter your home, by checking the app you can calm down immediately and you can continue to do what you were doing, without having to go home racing. In addition, all data, including recent video recordings, is stored in the Cloud securely.

You can then review what happened in your home when you were absent and learn about the exact moment a fact happened, such as detecting someone in a determined room.

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