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AMBI CLIMATE: the device to manage all air conditioners from a single app

Ambi Climate is a smart object belonging to the IoT world of smart home that allows you to manage all air conditioners and air conditioners in your home with a single touch, from one application: Ambi Climate App.

The App is available free of charge on Google’s Play Store, for Android smartphones, and on Apple’s App Store for those who own an iPhone instead.

Ambi Climate operation consists of 4 steps: the dedicated application allows remote access and control of the air conditioning system (AC) connects to the proprietary Cloud which creates a customized profile based on your habits and in turn connects with Ambi Climate which learns and stores the characteristics of your home environment and then sends instructions to air conditioning via infrared.

In this way each room in your home where an air conditioning is present is refrigerated or heated according to certain modes that guarantee an optimal level of your comfort.

For example, through the app, you can set not only the temperature of a room but also make the air conditioner adjust it according to your preferences (cooler, less cool, warmer, etc.).

Through the application you can consult historians that show graphically the various temperature levels regulated by Ambi Climate from time to time, in each room and every hour.

You can also set the Away Mode, which is the mode suitable for when you are out of the house and want to keep a certain temperature inside your home, so that you can find the perfect climate on re-entry. Or, again, you can turn on the air conditioning system before returning home or set the timer and Ambi Climate will immediately execute its controls, adjusting in the time that remains to arrangement the temperature of the home environment that will be exactly as you prefer it when necessary.

That’s not all: if you have multiple houses, such as the one in the city and the beach or in the countryside, from a single application you can manage the various air conditioners, not just those in a house but in all of them.

It is therefore possible to live in a more comfortable environment, improve your well-being and health and save electricity, since the device is really smart and intuitive when it’s time to put an air conditioner on standby to maintain the preset temperature.

The Ambi Climate 2nd Edition integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies thanks to Machine Learning.

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