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Intelligent lamp that communicates. Distances don’t matter

Increasingly people we love, family members, friends, are far away. Who by study, who by work, who by choice of life. A small gesture of affection when you are distant from each other always pleases, especially in the evening before bedtime and bedtime. Behold, that the world of the Internet of Things presents a smart lamp that communicates: the Good Night Lamp. Thanks to this smart device you can stay in touch with loved ones by simply pressing a switch.

The smart lamp that communicates emotions and thoughts

Pushing the switch on the Good Night Lamp chimney does not mean turning the light on or off. It means transmitting a message, a thought, an emotion to those who own the other half of the intelligent lamp that communicates. Good night, I think of you, I came home, A kiss, I love you. The content of the message can be of any nature. What matters is that the other person, be it simply in another room, in another city or, even, in the other hemisphere, will see a small lamp in the shape of a house light and receive our message.

The GSM technology at the base of the smart lamp that communicates

A simple idea, born out of a challenge launched by a courtroom professor. Many years of design and research funds, to see finally realized and marketed the Good Night Lamp. The mechanism at the base of the intelligent lamp communicating is elementary. It works just like mobiles thanks to GSM technology. Seniors, students, singles, best friends and parents will feel so less lonely when night falls.

A message of affection, the heart warmed

The Good Night Lamp consists of two or more playhouses, one large and one or many smaller ones. A simple and linear design, absolutely minimal, but that conveys pure emotions. The concept of family is thus transferred to this intelligent lamp that communicates. From the bulb-larger house the signal starts, which the little ones receive, read and transmit. No internet connection or WiFi is needed, all exchanges are done via GSM.

Smart devices that bring people closer together

Technology and innovation are thought to be driving people away by leaving out human relationships and relationships. That’s not always the case. The Good Night Lamp is an example of how IoT objects can actually be true allies in building and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Smart devices on the market are very many, some of these you can find here on our blog. We decided to collect a series of articles to present what are the most interesting objects of the Internet of Things. A series of smart objects for our everyday life

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